Good Morning from Oz

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  1. This is the start of a new day in the beach just 200 meters from home.
    The place is Moore Park Beach, Queensland, Australia.
    Was a very special morning with the clouds comoing fron the east I have a long "window" of natural light without the sun burning the image.
    Nikon D200
    Tokina 12-24
    Manfrotto tripod
    No filters used.
  2. pretty shot, arthur
    such a beautiful area
    i hope that you will show us many more images, when time permits

    thanks for sharing this one with us
  3. JusPlainCrayzee

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    Funny...last nite I was chatting with a friend of mine online who lives in land of Oz, and then this morning, I'm priviledged to see a photo of an Aussie sunrise. How fortunate to live just meters away from such beauty!!

    Lovely colors and a wonderful shot - well done...
  4. Bob Coutant

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    May 17, 2005
    Pleasantville Ohio
    Arthur, it just occurred to me that I hadn't seen any of your beach shots in a while:frown:. Thanks for sharing this one, and don't be a stranger:wink:
  5. Thakn you all for your comments.
    Bob now that I am at "home base" again I will post some more images. Thanks for remember me.