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May 11, 2006
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I've been very quiet here the last few week....

the cancer meds have done something to my stomach that results in severe pain if I eat food. After 2 weeks of tests (2 CT scans, Ultra Sound, Endoscopy), 3 ER visits and a 1 day hospital visit, tomorrow I go to the hospital for an undetermined length of time where they will feed me by IV (PIC line) until they find the problem. The last 2 weeks have been some of the most painful ever in my rather medically challenged life.

and for the good news, really great news, the likely culprit for the pain is the dying melanoma tumors in my stomach. Keytruda is kicking ***.

I simply refuse to let this kill me.

Thanks for thinking about me, you guys are like family and this place is like home and I will back posting someday soon
Jan 21, 2006
Johns Creek, Ga
Just finished making dough for pizza and in the frig for a 48 hr cold ferment. Will fire up the pizza oven Friday, if weather allows and will make a couple of pepperoni and basil pies in your name.

Take care and positive thoughhts sent your way.
That is such good news about the Keytruda doing its job so well!!!! That sounds like a good plan to do some TPN via PICC line for a while, give your digestive system a break, especially the stomach. I know that prospect is less than thrilling for you, but it's definitely going to be less painful than what it sounds as though you have been recently experiencing.

Hey, great idea about a pizza! Been a while since I've had one, so it's definitely time! Thanks for the great dinner suggestion! Sorry, but no hot peppers here on my pizza....I'm a mushroom-garlic-fresh tomato-extra cheese-green peppers- olives-anchovy girl myself! :D.

Will you have a laptop or iPad with you in the hospital so you can keep in touch for however long you're in there?

Hang in there, it sounds as though the medical team and you have come up with a good strategy. The birdies and the wildlife will be waiting for you when you're ready to get back out and shooting again!
May 5, 2005
Randy, I am thinking of you and hoping and praying for the best!! I'm so sorry you have to suffer so much. The cafe loves you and hopes you are back shooting your wonderful photos ASAP!! Until then, get the rest and nourishment you so need!!
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