Good will can last forever.D2H. Thanks Nikon.

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  1. Here is a screen capture from Nikon's service web site.
    Info changed to protect the innocent.

    Four months out of warranty D2H meter crash.

    Shipped off with a polite letter explaining the malfunction and my offer to pay for the repair should they feel it necessary.
    It's on the way back gratis.

    "No Charge good will repair" on the invoice mailed to me.

    A little good will can last a lifetime.
    I suspect you Nikon people check these sites. Thanks!

  2. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    Nikon's admitted there's an issue with the D2h meter, as well as with the D70 GBLOD...
    D2h Service Advisory
    D70 Service Advisory

    They are offering repair free of charge, as well as a refund for those who had to pay.