Gorillas at Bristol Zoo

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  1. Bristol Zoo only has a small group of gorillas, because it doesn't have room to house too many; but it's very nice to visit if the light is good, particularly if you know the stories of the gorillas.

    You see the youngsters first; this is Namoki, a three year old female.

    This is little Komale, eighteen month old male.
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    He's still a bit too small for very severe climbs.
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    This is Jock, their father. Even by silverback standards, he's a big boy.
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    Romina is Namoki's mother. She had severe sight problems until she had bilateral cataract operations a few years ago. Since then she has mated, given birth and is raising her daughter very successfully.
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    Salome, the other female, wouldn't pose properly for me. As a relatively old lady at 30, she had to have fertility treatment before she conceived and gave birth to Komale. She is also a very attentive mother, as you can see.
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    D300 & 300mm f/4 AF-S Nikkor, with monopod.

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    wonderful pics alan! thanks for sharing these.

    my san francisco zoo has no baby gorillas so i don't get to witness parental behavior.

    love the closeups of jock and romina. i'd say you had very good light that day! :smile:
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    Excellent series of images of the gorrillas and a very interesting narrative Allan. :cool::cool:
  4. Thank you for your comments. I think I was lucky with the daylight for these photos.