Got a Hatch???

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  1. Looks like it. On late Thursday afternoon I heard the cry of the red shoulder.
    (Kee-R KEE-R KEE-R) I knew they were incubating since 4/14/07 and I was thinking when I heard the cries maybe a hatch. (Takes about 33 days give or take a few) So bum knee or not off I went and yes I think we have a few (hope) more red shoulders in Willow. She acted like she was feeding something in the bowl of the nest so I watched for about 45 minuets from my wagon with a scope on the window. I took a few with the 100 to 400 for the record. (6 photos) Back on Saturday 5/12 and saw the first head in scope. (Photos #7 & 8)

    #1 Here they are about to make a change on the eggs. (First two photos taken while still incubating).
  2. #2 I think this is Mom taking a well-deserved break.


    #3 This is when I first arrived and I think she was a little on edge when I backed my wagon into the spot I watch from. . I am bumping them up a bit so you can see in the nest.

    #4 Well it looks like she got over it and is tearing meat apart and feeding something down in the bowl of the nest.

    #5 She has been at it for quite a while now.
  3. #6 All complete and she has gone back down to cover the (I hope) new young. I noticed that when covering the young she did not go as far down in the bowl as with the eggs.
    I would love to see 4 but I am sure they would be happy with 2.

    #7 & 8 Taken on a later revisit Sat. 5/12/07
    Hard to see in the photo but very clear in the scope. Blown to 100%

    #8 FF of # 7
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    Very nice
    Thank you
    I will look foward to the young as they grow.
  5. Thanks Gale, Me too as this is their forth year with me. Stopped in this afternoon for a quick peek and she was doing some house work with hemlock branches.