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Got a little rain ...

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by Chris101, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    This is a shot from my laboratory off the balcony. It's not like a flood or anything, but we don't get rain in the daytime that often.


    btw, that's my vw in the first slot of the parking lot.
  2. Now, that looks good! All we get around here are the tail ends of those summer monsoons - just the heat and humidity. Oh yeah it did rain for 3 minutes the other morning just enough to get my newly washed truck dirty.
  3. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Thanks Ray! This storm lasted less than an hour, but the water stayed in the road for a couple more hours, as the drain system here is not meant to handle that much water!

    Here is another view, this time north, as the first one was east:
  4. well dang, thats two responses lost while falling asleep at the keyboard........
    i find the photograph curious in that the content leaves me wondering why i am viewing at this elevation.

    must have been nice gett'n some rain
  5. ...ok i'm waked up abit..this photograph is cool!, with out the cloudy sky, this would be just another hazy color foto:biggrin:
    answers the question of the previous photograph..why am i so high...above the street?
    nice roofline shot
  6. Ah that looks refreshing. And a car wash thrown in for free... as long as you don't drive it again while the streets are wet!
  7. God shots, Chris!
    I like this kind of rain. I just love ti when it rains like that. THe first pic is nice but the second one is my favorite. I looked at it longer and remembered those times when it rains that way.
  8. I have to agree here. There's a rainy day moodiness to the second one!
  9. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Many thanks Rodney, Rodney, David, Ned and Ray!

    David, as you know, these storms ar always accompanied by plenty of blowing dust. so it more like a 'car dirty' than a car wash. In fact, I don't wash my car until September.

    Rodney, you are so high because my laboratory and office is on the 3rd floor. Ok, I admit I had to fight the urge to make funny here.

    Ned, rainy days are a rarity here, so we love them! Most monsoon storms happen after sunset.

    Yes Ray, I remember a special feeling from my midwestern childhood on rainy days, and #2 does approach that.
  10. cellison


    Mar 18, 2006
    Both of those pictures remind me of sitting on the front porch as a kid during a storm. The sound, the smell. Thanks for that Chris.
  11. by looking at the photograph, and choosing not to be informed by the known fact, that it is from your lab balcony, i was seeing the distant cityesque scape off in the 'hazy' atmosphere, yet seeing a small neighborhood with an incongruous parking lot, incongruous to the perception of 'sleepy' neighborhood, though clearly connected to your stance on your balcony by the knowledge of your VW, which gave me a choice to acknowledge the third floor perspective, or simply wonder, how am i seeing this view from this elevation?
    i think the distant cityesque horizon within the cloudy rainy atmosphere is the foundation in this photograph, and layout of dual street arrows with diagonal alleyway and powerpoles/powerlines and parkinglot and rooftops makes for interesting composition, and sure, i've been on a third floor balcony, and the perspective is immediately known, but i think the photograph somehow transcends the known perspective if i allow it.
    the second photograph posted, of course, completely informed me of my question, and made me think of the difference i might see if it were a perfectly clear sunny day and you were shooting color.
  12. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005


    Hey! that was fun - the first time I have shot with my D100 in months.

    Here's the other one, too:

  13. Chris,
    Those D100 shots are so boring compared to the BW ones!
  14. interesting for comparative purposes.
    i clearly prefer the photograph that is made with black and white film.
  15. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Well, yeah! Pretty much any scene will be better during a downpour, than it will by harsh midday light. The challenge would have been to shoot film at noon on a sunny day, and digital during the storm.

    In my hands, the film would still have won (I'm guessing) cause that is how I like to see photographs. My color shots in the rain usually look drab. I just don't like color photos that much. Sometimes a color shot (usually taken by someone else) will really wow me, but rarely when it's a faithful rendition of reality. (Unless it's like Ned's avatar! That one's a kick!)
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