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Got three new toys!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Harry S., Jul 26, 2005.

  1. I have been absent for more than a week because once in my life I wanted to show discipline. I shot the last rehearsals and the premiere of an open air musical (Jekyll & Hyde) and had to sort 1000s and edit 100s of pics, and I wanted to finish most of the stuff till last sunday (some selected pics will come soon (in the proper forum).

    So, I have three new toys, well, actually not toys but necessities. Since I do a lot of graphics editing at home, the scientific society for which I do this work consented to pay for these items.

    1) Wacom Intuos 3 (6X8)
    I have been working with an "Intuos 2 A4 oversized" in my institute for almost two years now. My neck, shoulder and right arm were thankful, but my working place at home was the actual ergonomic madness. Hopefully this will change now.
    All I can say is, Wow! - I did not know how cool the new design is.

    2) GretagMacbeth i1 Display
    Received it today and I am really curious how much my visual calibration (Adobe Gamma) will deviate from the photometric version. I will do it later this evening.

    3) Epson R1800
    I loved my Canon i950 but recently it started to show slight banding. In addition, I had the dreaded overflow of black ink into the yellow cartridge. I read in some forum that it is possible to fix this on your own, but I have to admit I don't have the nerves.
    Also, pigment inks and A3+ were more than a temptation to switch to Epson.
    An hour ago I unpacked it and installed it - what a monster if you are used to the handy i950 bread bin.
    Now comes the usual dilemma with paper choice, profiles, etc. - so any hints to shorten this procedure are highly appreciated.
    Sorry, but I'm so happy, I had to share my delight about these new acquisitions. Could it be possible that this is just a compensatory action for LLD? :?
  2. Henk

    Henk Guest

    Hi Harry

    Your lucky!, didn't you GmB EyeOne came with a printer calibration option? that should help you out to get the perfect profile for any given paper and ink. A friend of mine owns the GmB Eyeone and he made a profile for various sorts of paper. Great tool, He calibrated my monitor with it some time ago and now it shows the images the way they'r supposed to be. Really useful tool for the serious photographer.

    best regards

  3. Hi Henk!

    It's the "i1 Display". Don't know why I wrote Vision in the original post.
    The solution that includes printer profiling is much more expensive, so I thought getting the few profiles I will need (2 or 3) from Cathy's or so will be much more economic.
  4. Henk

    Henk Guest

    Sorry Harry, I didn't notice at first. My buddy has got the Eyeone "Pro" version, it came with all the options. He paid about 1700 euros for it if I remember? a lot of money but GmB seems to be the best there is in color management. We've met a couple of their sales reps at a photoshow, these dudes aren't just your average sales person, they DO know what they sell. I've often seen otherwise.

    Good luck with your new toys!

  5. Is it ALWAYS Christmas at Zell Am Zee (or Zell am See) Harry??? :eek: 
    Enjoy your new gadgets ;-)
  6. Panos, why Zell am See? Somehow I don't get it :?

    Anyway, during my 2 week absence I had a few glimpses at some posts and came across the recipe thread. It seems that there are more reasons than a cheap D2X to visit Cyprus :wink:
  7. There you are you old blighter. Thought you has emigrated to Burma!!

    I have the Epson R800 and I will only use Epson Papers and Inks. I have been looking at the R1800 and the R2400 but I do not need A3 at the moment. No idea about profiles. I like what it produces as it is, and do not have enough expertise to start fiddling about with PROFILES.
    Very busy at the moment preparing for my wing scale project using set stock. Cricky some of these specimens cost a fortune, especially Ornithoptera and Papilios. $100 to $350 for some of the rarer ones.

    I am also getting a lot of my slide work ready to be scanned. They have to come out of glass mounts into plastic ones. Still at least I have found a local firm who will do them at a reasonable price and put them DVD's.

    Give our love to Helen and hope that she is keeping slim.

    BW. Bob F.
  8. cwilt


    Apr 24, 2005
    Denver, CO

    Congrats on the new toys. I love getting new tools to do a job. :) 

    What type of prints do you like? Matte or glossy?

    My 3 favorite papers at this time are the Premium Glossy, Premium Luster and Ehanched Matte. SuperB prints are addicitve. Be warned. :lol:

    PS.. Make sure you have the current ICC profiles from Epson. :wink:
  9. Hey Bob!

    You don't have to post it double to get my attention :lol: :lol:
    Double post was deleted by Mod|Panos

    Yes, those big butterflies are expensive, particularly some of the rarer Ornithoptera from New Guinea (most of them are bred in captivity now). Why not go to a museum and take the pics there?

    As for Helen's state - she is complaining right now that less and less clothes are fitting :lol:
    She is slowly developing a nice little front rucksack :lol: but otherwise she is well - thanks.
  10. I have an old map of my fatrhers' (1954) that says Zell am See

    The cook can always come to your place Harry... ;-) Especially if it's a white winter and you live next to the slopes... :lol:
  11. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    As far as the R1800 is concerned, I find the Epson profiles to be very accurate with their papers and inks. I use QImage (www.ddisoftware.com) to do all my printing and the results are excellent.
  12. Your new toys sound fun and interesting. Congrats.
  13. Good to hear that the Epson profiles are accurate. However, I found out that the German retailer (where I bought my Eclipse and Pecpads) offers Baryt paper and other art paper that is specifically designed for inkjets, and for the color versions of these papers I will have to get specific profiles.

    BTW - I too, use Qimage since more than 2 years now and I am also extremely happy with it. IMO, the resizing algorithm is unsurpassed, next to a few other functions which are outstanding.
  14. Of course, I forgot that you have a passion for skiing. I stopped about 14 years ago and I (if some boasting is permitted) was an excellent skier. One of the reasons was that I hated queuing up at the lift.
    But as with cycling, there are some things you never forget how to do, the only problem with skiing is that, should I decide to do it again, I have to be careful because my muscles are not trained any longer for the style I used to perform then.
    Maybe we might do a combined cooking (I also like to do that) and skiing holiday one day.
  15. Well Harry, my agenda says I have a few friends im Österreich, a few skiers, a few MTBers and one photog (not to mention the love of my childhood -I was 20 she was 24- who is a nurse at Vien's General Hospital)...

    So, a get-together cook-ski-bike-photo club would a fantastic idea...!!! :-D
  16. tweber


    Feb 12, 2005
    St. Louis

    I have the same equipment. I use Epson Premium Luster and Premium Glossy. I also do a printer profile with another great product from the makers of Qimage - Profile Prism.

    With the Great MacBeth calibrated monitor and custom print profile I get even better results than with the Espon profiles.

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