Gotta Love Lightning......


May 1, 2005
Minnesota (formerly Florida)
I have spent the last week and a half without my own laptop, due to lightning which struck something, blew up my DSL modem and laptop's LAN card, shorted out the battery too. It has been off at servicing.
We spent the first 4 days or so frustrated because my mother's desktop, already malfunctioning constantly, was no longer connecting via the cable internet. THe cable company swapped modems, but still no joy. Tried 2 other recently upgraded desktops from her work, but nothing happened. Even my TiVo with DVD burner had its modem knocked out.
So, I took my beautiful HP ZX5280 notebook in to bestbuy for servicing.
When we bought my computer, we opted to take the $500 hit for the platinum service plan. All damage, including accidental, is included, and on top of all that, they must return it to you working in one week or you get the difference between the normal and the platinum service plan in the form of a gift card.
I used that opportunity to hop over to CompUSA, grab a new HP DV1000 laptop for my mother, get her a scanner/fax/copier/printer to replace the old one, which got fried at the same time, and buy a wireless router. I've meant to set up a wireless network since the beginning of the year, but never got around to it.
Well, I was at the bestbuy with my friend yesterday, so he could buy a game, and I checked in. The computer was still at servicing.
I walked over to the camera department, oogled the various holy items, AKA Nikons, including the new D50 :D, and ritualistically cursed the works of Satan (Canon). I saw they had the new 55-200mm lens and a SB600 available too.
Well, to make a long story short, I got home, and realized that it had been precisely One Week since it was dropped off!
So, I will be getting a $250 gift card from BestBuy and a fixed up computer.
I want a speedlight. The SB600 there is $250.
So, because of a power surge from our wonderful miami thunderstorms, I get:
A fixed laptop
Wireless network
New laptop for mother
Eliminating one of the internet services by putting everything on the wireless
Putting the TiVo on wireless
better DSL modem
Peace of Mind that life really does have happy endings :)
May 4, 2005
Western Washington
haha, that is pretty sweet. Enjoy the new SB600...I know I am enjoying mine. I am glad your story had a happy could have been a very very bad ending. Thank goodness it wasn't!
Jan 25, 2005
I wondered where you've been lately Harrison. Glad things turned out OK. :wink:


Wow, how'd you have the foresight to pay for the $500 platinum service??

I usually hate listening to the pitch they use to sell those things, yet alone shell out the cash for it!


May 1, 2005
Minnesota (formerly Florida)
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Yeah. I've only had the computer since August, it hasn't gone wrong until now. I've had a lot of bad experiences before with computers. One crash after another. This one I babied...pampered it like a king. My old Compaq died totally randomly in 2001 or so, the replacement Toshiba had a HD crash in late 02, was gone for 6 weeks. It is still working, but my mom has it at her office now once I got to the point where it wasn't capable of what I needed. I've had lots of problems with my various PCs over the years. And the 7 day thing sounded mighty good after having to live with my mother's slow desktop for those 2 months in 2002. It covered everything and anything, had speedy service and if they didn't get it to me in time I got money.
Couldn't resist.
At least everything will be all right.
Frank, I didn't know anyone noticed me here...nice to know that some people have some knowledge of my existence. I hadn't been posting as much as I wanted to lately either.
KJD: At B&H it will cost me $195. At Bestbuy it will cost me $0.00 because of the giftcard. Unfortunately they don't take Bestbuy cards at B&H. I would rather have it free. I'm already getting rid of my 18-70 so I can hopefully afford a 20, 24, or 28mm f/2.8 AFD prime, and a 45/2.8P.
Thanks everyone :) I can't wait, after using a friend's sb800, I knew I needed an external speedlight.

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