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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cabin, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I looking for GPS software that looks up the time and date the photo was taken and matches that to the GPS's data and then plots the location.

    This software does not require the GPS to be connected to the camera.
    I'm sure I read about it here but I can't locate the thread. :confused:

  2. Yes, it's called RoboGeo and pulls the EXIF data and matches it to the track log. Excellent programme - I've used it with much success.
  3. Perrrrfect,
    Thank you so much
  4. Sandi,
    If I may
    What software do you use to map the track data?

  5. I use two different programs, ExpertGPS and of course, Garmin Mapsource Topo or MetroGuide Canada. ExpertGPS pulls in either topo or aerial maps (for the US region only) via an internet connection.. I have the Garmin Mapsource topo and metroguide already loaded into the mapping GPS (Garmin Etrex LegendCX) so I can never get lost! A phobia from childhood - gotta LOVE technology!
  6. haze2


    Mar 18, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    Sandi, I've had great success with a map. Doesn't need batteries! :Wink:
  7. lol, same here. Map, compass, pen and paper. if i can navigate my way in the wilderness by using these and a 6 digit grid coordinates, i think i can jot down the number of the photo. But it sounds like some cool techie tools to use.
  8. Hey, I come from a long line of explorers and adventurers who didn't use maps, they used the stars!

    I'm just a gadget-girl! Love my GPS. So why use a DSLR when you can take a picture with a pin-hole camera!!???? *LMAO*
  9. You got it, Jay, it's the fun of it! I can still navigate with a compass (ALWAYS required equipment on my paddling tours), but love watching the route on a GPS. If one is venturing out on the waterways, you should always know how to navigate with a compass first and foremost. The GPS is just an added bonus.
  10. Same here, i learned how to use a map and compass in the Army. Without it, your screwed if your in some other land and dont know the place. Now they got hand held GPS units to make it easy and to plot out your fellow soldiers in the area.
  11. Sandi,
    I got a Garmin GPS and purchased the RoboGeo software. :smile:
    This works really well because I don't need to be tethered to the GPS.

    But if I wanted to connect my D200 directly to the GPS, what software would read the EXIF GPS data and display it on a topo map like ExpertGps?

    Thanks again,
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