Grasshopper - ID help?

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  1. I'm thinking it's a red-legged grasshopper (Melanoplus femurrubrum femurrubrum)

    but I'm not sure because this one's more red than pics I've found on the internet....


    where my bug people at? :D
  2. I would have no idea Paul, but that is a great shot, nice detail.
  3. Hi Paul!

    It was already a good effort to find out the genus, and honestly, I would leave it at that. The genus Melanoplus has so many similar looking species that only a specialist might tell anything more precise.

    Since your image is very good I would give it a go and post it at A lot of good scientists post there and maybe one of the Orthopterists will chime in and identify your critter to species level.

  4. Thanks Harry :) I'm no expert but I do try to find out ID's on my own before I start asking - I've posted it over at too thanks for the tip!
  5. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Excellent shot. What's he/she resting on?
  6. thanks Torben - he's sitting on a milkweed pod (and I actually rotated the image 90 counter clockwise because it looked better)
  7. woo woo - I was right :) in fact it's a Female as well according to