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Gray Days in Washington - At the Locks

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Retief, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Working on focus, etc., with the new D200, so I went to the Locks on Thursday. Thought we would have a sun break, like we did on Wednesday, but no joy there. So dim I left the 1.4 TC off as I didn't want to lose what little light I had.

    The Cormorants sit in the race water where the water flows to the Sound next to the locks. This is a LONG way from where I was shooting, less than 1/3 or the frame is displayed in this shot.

    Feeding Cormorant:

    This one came a little closer,

    Show-Off Cormorant:

    There were a pair of Golden-Eye near where I was shooting, these and the few Cormorants were all I saw.

    Male Golden-Eye:


    I think he is eating a Limpet, but I'm not sure.


    Female Golden-Eye:


    I can't wait to get some good light back again.
  2. Good light, bad light, very nice series Bill. Are you enjoying the D200?
    Luv the color in these pics, nicely done again!!
  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    These are pretty good, especially considering the horrid conditions. I'd say that progress learning the new cam is being made. :wink:
  4. Thanks, guys, much appreciated. There have been a series of "differences" for me with the D200 vs the D2H, most of them "my bad". I think that the only real difference between the two so far, CAM1000 vs. CAM2000, is that I think the D2H did a better job with focus in poor light, but not nearly enough that I can blame any OOF shots on that. Mostly, I think, it is that I am for the moment forced to use the Shutter Button for both AF and Shutter release, I much prefer AF-ON which Sigma will fix shortly, as well as just the body size and how I grip, once my MB-D200 arrives this week I'll see if that is really the case. I think I am causing a lot of shake and have done some minor mods to my techique over the last week. I don't see much issue with things that are close, it is the "small and far away" that are the toughest, but then they have always been.

    Have a Safe and Prosperous New Years, all.
  5. Hey Bill, this is a nice series here. Your D200 skills are coming along nicely.
  6. Good shots bill.

    I have always been leary of taking my good camera stuff to the Seattle locks after 9/11, security and all that.
  7. I like all the Barrow's Golden-eye shots Bill. Tough birds to shoot due to their high contrasting markings, and you did well. We don't have as many Barrow's around Victoria compared to the Common Goldeneyes.

  8. Thanks, Gordon. It is interesting to see what comes along with the added resolution. When you add in the CAM1000 differences, just more things to figure out, and my guess is I won't have them "figured out" for quite some time, and I know that the tips and hints from others will help a lot. But one thing it did show me was a couple of "bad technique" things I had been getting away with, so in the long run that was a very good thing.
  9. Ron, no issues at all, and I know that Jim has gone there as well. I figure that if I am ever confronted, I'll just be polite and stay calm. I think that far more of an issue is made of this than truly exists.

    It is a nice place to shoot, and will be much better with decent light.

  10. Thanks, Tim. One of the things I really like about Digital is that when you think -0.3 is enough you can check and find out just how far off you were :eek:  It really is a balancing act, holding the highlghts but not underexposing so far that you can't pull the image back. And with moving subjects you really don't have the opportunity to bracket and then combine the images.

    It just never fails to amaze me, though, how you can get blown highlights on such a dim, dull, cloudy day. Seems entirely counter-intuitive doesn't it???? :wink:
  11. Very nice considering the circumstances cant wait to see the combo in some nice sunny weather. Love the golden eye shots
  12. Thanks, Mike. I have had one super day in the sun shooting the Trumpeter Swans and that was truly great. Colder than all get-out, but nice and sunny. The one thing I am finding is, I think, that the CAM1000 on the D200 is not quite as snappy as the D2's when it comes to low-light. I just have to be a bit more patient and precise with my technique, but when I am things work just fine.
  13. Chip


    Oct 13, 2005
    Glad your getting some good shots with your new camera. Looks like the higher ISO shots are much better than the X. Keep em comin.
  14. Sandro Bravo

    Sandro Bravo

    Nov 18, 2005
    Hi Bill,

    When shooting in good light, do you feel the same difference in focus speed as you do in low light ?
  15. Bill, nice series. I went over there a few days ago and nothing. I'm enjoying see your progress with the new D200. On a side note, wish you would have been selling your D2H a few months ago,instead of now.

  16. Given that was one of the main reasons for "the switch" I am really happy with the ISO's over 1000. I am also thrilled now with the ISO 100. The one sunny day I had a couple of weeks ago with the Swans I got a number of ISO 100's shots against the clear sky. That was the day we all froze, but I'll take the cold with the clear skies :smile:

  17. No, I don't. In the good light things are quite "snappy", once I got past my own mistakes. And I only see the low-light issue really in subjects that are smaller than the focus reticle. For large subjects that fill most of the frame I don't see the issue much. I was testing with a friend yesterday and we did find some lower light with very low-contrast issues, which we don't think we saw with our D2H's. Unfortunately we don't have those anymore to compare. Overall I am very happy with the new camera.
  18. Hey, Louie, I wish the D200 had been available then. It looks like things are coming along well for you as well, we need to get together for a day in the next couple of weeks, when the weather breaks a bit.
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