Great D200 Bag - Tenba P-655

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  1. The Tenba P-655 shoulder bag works great for me. I've experimented with several bags for my D200, lenses and other gear and I think I finally found a winner so I thought I'd share the find...... The big challenge for me was to find a bag that wasn't huge yet had the ability to store my D200 on it's side (grip end of body facing up) with a 17-55 AF-S attached; plus have room for my other gear - 18-135 AF-S, 70-300 AF-S, two flashes, cards, cords, charger, filters, etc., etc. The P-655 is well-built, just the right size (imo), very comfortable on my shoulder, provides quick access to your camera, came with nice dividers and looks great (inconspicuous too). It's a little pricey (I paid $140 - best price I could find) but there's no skimping in its construction. Anyway, so far I'm pleased with it. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to find a bag that works. I hope this helps those of you struggling to make the right choice.
  2. Post photos when you get a chance

    Oct 11, 2006

    Looks like the Lowepro Stealth Reporter. Did you check this out as well?
  4. I like Tenba bags

    They make really well constructed, sturdy bags that hold up to rough use in my experience. I use an old Tenba P-595 a lot of the time, and it's taken a beating but hasn't let me down at all.

  5. I've gone thru a dozen bags myself, trying to find a balance between comfort, storage capacity and design. I’m still looking for a comfortable “outdoor light” bag.
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