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Great Falls Maryland, MD..Part II 7/13/2008

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by siinjen, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. 061.
    Virginians meets Marylanders NikonCafe Members 7/2008
    Left: Sal(siinjen), My cousin Nacho(not a member yet), Jeffrey(jupman), Sharon(blauweiss),
    Nacho,Jeff A, Kenny-KristinB's husband, KristinB, BrendaE, and Laura(photobug207)



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  2. The guys in action







  3. I didn't get home until 8 tonight (awesome, but hot and long day) so I just quickly went through some of mine:


    NIKON D300    ---    40mm    f/11.0    1/10s    ISO 200

    Sal, heres the one you wanted to see from the other side of the rocks.
    NIKON D300    ---    19mm    f/20.0    1/4s    ISO 200

    View attachment 220363

    NIKON D300    ---    24mm    f/9.0    1/50s    ISO 200

    View attachment 220367

    apparently this is where the vultures hang out.
    NIKON D300    ---    270mm    f/10.0    1/320s    ISO 200

    NIKON D300    ---    200mm    f/10.0    1/500s    ISO 200

    and this one is from the Virginia side. I decided to go over there after we were done.
    NIKON D300    ---    24mm    f/10.0    1/320s    ISO 200

    I had a great time and it was nice to meet all of you today. I look forward to getting together with you on future shoots.
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  4. Looks like I missed a great time!

    Some nice shots here -- especially the ones of the gang!! :smile:

    Looks as though there was some climbing around on rocks...... Eh, maybe it's just as well that I DIDN'T participate! I am not that adventurous!
  5. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA

    You should have seen the spot where Jeff A climbed to take the shot of Sal, Jeffrey, and me! :eek:  Actually, that was the only little bit of rock climbing (and only the few of us tried it). I only was able to get to that spot thanks to Sal & Jeffrey helping me over the rocks, and Jeffrey insisting that he sherpa my gear, LOL!
  6. Hi Jeff,
    Nacho II, Laura, and myself were ahead of u guys and saw something different along the path and went down to shoot further. We thought you guys where gonna pass the route to but unfortunately we missed you all. Thanks for joining us for the day and hopefully we can see you neck of the wood too. By the way, nice shooting JEFF!!!!
  7. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA

    I really love the color in all of your images... just lovely! Did you show your wife the shot of you posing with my 300 yet? :tongue:

    Jeff A,

    Great set -- and those turkey buzzards were very nice to pose for you like that!


    Very nice! I see how the grad ND filters helped tremendously. Of course now I'm even more confused as to which kind of ND filters to buy... Yes, it looks like you need to clean your sensor! :tongue:
  8. Mike Z

    Mike Z

    May 30, 2005
    Northbrook, IL
    It really looks like you folks had a great time. Could someone put some names on the group photo for those of us who don't live in the DC area.

  9. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA
    Sure! Sal, please copy this and add it to your OP...

    Sal (siinjen), Sal's cousin Nacho (not sure if he's a Cafe member?), Jeffrey (jupman), Sharon (blauweiss), Nacho, Jeff A, my husband Kenny, KristinB, BrendaE, Laura (photobug207)
  10. Yes I did show my wife the pics and surely wanted to SMACK me...:biggrin:
    just kidding....she smiled with no comments...:Curved:
  11. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA
    Well, it really was great to see everyone again, and to meet Sal's cousin Nacho, Sharon, and Jeff A.

    Brenda, Jeffrey, Kenny and I went for a 17 mile bike ride afterwards... it was really nice. (On top of that time Kenny was riding while we were shooting, so he was really tired when we got home!) It was a good thing we packed our cameras away, though. :smile: Otherwise we never would have gotten anywhere -- too many photo ops! But that gave me an idea for my next visit, I think I'm just going to put the 18-200VR on the D200, put it in a backpack and just make those stops next time.

    I'm off from work today to take my mother to the doctor, so I only have time to post a couple of shots -- Jeff and Jeffrey living dangerously, LOL! :tongue:

    Jeff A on his perch:


    Jeffrey (jupman) looking for a better vantage point:

  12. These are all really GREAT! Nice expedition!!
  13. Nacho


    Dec 29, 2007
    Salem, Oregon
    First Three

    Hi Folks:

    Nice shots folks! It was indeed fun, and a pleasure to meet so many Cafe members. I even met another Nacho, and that doesn't happen often!

    Here are the first three I could get to, I have to go help my sister move, so more later.




    A bit more later,

    Thanks to all,

    Nacho :smile:
  14. Hey Nacho,
    Great candid of us with my cousin, Nacho....Great portrait of Sharon :wink:!
  15. It was really great getting to meet you all yesterday. I loved climbing the rocks to get to those prime shooting spots, but my legs sure are sore today:biggrin:. Hope to meet up with you all again in the near future. Here are a few images from me!

    NIKON D50    ---    280mm    f/9.5    1/250s    ISO 200

    NIKON D50    ---    280mm    f/9.5    1/250s    ISO 200

    NIKON D50    ---    50mm    f/22.0    1/90s    ISO 200

    NIKON D50    ---    31mm    f/22.0    2s    ISO 200

    NIKON D50    ---    27mm    f/32.0    1/2s    ISO 200

    NIKON D50    ---    50mm    f/16.0    1/15s    ISO 200

    NIKON D50    ---    50mm    f/16.0    1/15s    ISO 200

    NIKON D50    ---    150mm    f/4.0    1/1000s    ISO 200

    NIKON D50    ---    180mm    f/4.0    1/2000s    ISO 200
  16. Thumbs up Sharon! Nice series of shots, especially me pic#1, my dream lens and pic#3 hanging on carefully to the tree with all those expensive equips:eek: ....Thanks for sharing.:tongue:
  17. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA

    Your portrait shooting skills definitely shine! Looking forward to seeing more...


    I enjoyed your series, and especially the shot of the three of us as we were climbing down, LOL!
  18. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA
    Well, I did something really dumb -- I left my ISO at 640 on the D200 and forgot to change it when it got lighter. :eek:  So I'm not too happy with most of my shots (blown highlights in the heron, noisy skies in the landscapes). :frown: Oh, well, another lesson learned!



    So these next four are the result of my second try with Photomatix... This first one was taken with the fisheye -- that's Jeffrey on the far right side:




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