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Greatest American Dog contestants

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by KristinB, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA
    I was excited to learn last month that someone I know was going to be a contestant on a reality show called the Greatest American Dog. Her name is Laurie and she owns a doggie day care/dog training facility here in Stafford, VA. My husband and I have brought two of our dogs to her to be trained, both rescues. She is a wonderful person and dog trainer. So I've been watching the show for the past month+ and enjoying seeing how Laurie has been doing (she's still in the running as of last week).

    So today there was a fundraiser held at her establishment, Pup N Iron, for the Friends Fur Life Sanctuary, and in addition to Laurie and her dog Andrew, two other contestants made appearances -- Teresa and Leroy, and Laura and Preston.

    It was fun to hear some stories about behind the scenes goings on about the challenges. And it will come as no surprise to anyone who watches reality shows, of course, to hear that the producers edit the footage to show the story they want, LOL! An example was given of a comment that was made the very first day that they were in the house that was shown in the third episode instead...

    I was also very impressed by Teresa's commitment to the event -- she was recently in a serious car accident while on her way to her grandmother's funeral. An 18 wheeler ran her off the road and her car was totaled. She had numerous bones in her face broken (the reason for the bandage that is visible in the group picture).

    Laurie and Andrew:


    Laura and a doggie fan:


    A cool dog who likes to motorcycle (no joke):


    Laura and Preston:


    The whole gang:





    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 25, 2008
  2. i love this thread
    how did i miss it
    wonderful shots
    and i love dogs

    very well done
  3. lisantica


    Jul 4, 2006
    So. Calif.
    I just started watching this show a couple of episodes ago, so it was fun to read this thread!
    Nice photos Kristin!
  4. Going to the dogs, eh?!

    What fun! Some good shots here, and I can imagine it was a lot of fun chatting with the stars of the show!
  5. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Wow! Thanks for posting these!! This is our #1 favorite show.
  6. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA
    Thanks, Greg! :smile:


    Thanks! You know you can catch all the previous episodes on the link I posted above from CBS.com, right?


    It sure was! My girlfriend and I each brought one of our dogs (I have four, she has two -- I couldn't have taken any photos if I had brought any more, LOL), and between the dogs socializing and people chatting, it was an absolute blast.

    The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star did a story about it in today's paper with some juicy tidbits from the Q&A...


    You're very welcome! So who are your favorite contestants?
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 25, 2008
  7. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Bill and Star are my favorite "pair". My 2nd favorite were already sent home... Tilman!
  8. Unfortunately we don't get the program here in Australia,
    but it sounds like a lot of fun and would love to see it...
    BTW, you got some great shots....
  9. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Can you watch it online (link provided early in this thread)?
  10. Oh, OK John...
    Thanks for that, didn't think about watching on line...
    Will give it a try later today when at home...
  11. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA
    Thanks, Wally!

    I hope you like it -- there are some really interesting characters on the show. Take a look at the link to the Free Lance-Star article above, and check out the profiles on CBS.com when you go to check out the videos. :biggrin: There's even a bulldog who skateboards! Here's an article about how Hollywood is calling for Tillman.
  12. Just read the article about Tillman. I'm guessing he's the same dog who is featured on YouTube? Last year when I got my first iPhone, one of the features of it, of course, was ready access to YouTube, and one of the items you could click on was a video of a skateboarding dog. It was hilarious!
  13. Laurie and her dog made it again to the dog academy...Good luck to your friend KristinB....:biggrin:
  14. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA
    Wow, it was crazy to see Andrew staring down that elephant, wasn't it? :eek:  But too bad to see Bill & Star go... :frown: Sorry, John -- I liked them too!
  15. I could not believe the elephant challenge!! :eek:  :eek: 

    Kept thinking, I have one girlie here who would have probably charged the elephant.....she has 'rules' and one is "no wildlife shall charge about, on TV or otherwise!" ..... my other girlie.....well, she's a fruit bat in disguise, and woe be to the elephant who thought it might be taking that banana from HER! :tongue: :biggrin:
  16. Poor Laurie and Andrew. I could not believe this week's show! I have not been watching the show after watching the disgusting Groomer Has It show on AP. This week, putting the dogs in harnesses and asking them to jump off the tower was plainly irresponsible. Andrew and the 9 yr old dog refused. There are the smart ones. And the pointer is now injured! And they did not even take her to a veterinarian.

    So Laurie and Andrew got booted. Laurie should have refused the entire ordeal that her little maltese was put through. It did not look at all safe to me,even with harnesses.
  17. KristinB


    Apr 12, 2007
    Stafford, VA
    No, Laurie & Andrew made it through -- Bill & Star were eliminated.
  18. Mea Culpa, you are right. I hope the rest of the show does not put the dogs and handlers in harm's way:mad: 
  19. I thought the elephant stunt more dangerous. Had it decided to rear, any one of those dogs would have been crushed.
  20. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005

    It was a sad night seeing Bill and Star go. I thought the elephant and flying challenge were irresponsible.
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