Greed will kill you!

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  1. One from today:


    O.K. I'll admit. I'm not good enough to get this close to a Gekko with a 55mm micro, especially when he is trying to eat his breakfast. This poor fella either stuffed so much into his mouth that he couldn't breathe, or was poisoned by the insect that he tried to eat. Either way folks, this Gekko was stone dead when I found him this morning.
  2. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Nice image...with an unusual story. Thanks for posting.
  3. I have a bunch of those running around in my backyard but I have never found one dead. You have a nicely taken image here.
  4. Thanks Frank and Gordon.

    I never did find out what he had attempted to eat. His jaws were locked tight, and I wasn't up to doing a dissection!
  5. Holy cow! Reminds me of myself when there's food in front of me which I like very much :smile:
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