Green Clean Vacumn Tale of Woe......

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  1. i usually use sensor swaps to clean my D2x sensor... i decided to purchase the vacumn cleaner and the first time i used it (and it really doesn't work for small dust particles....) was to accidently let the vacumn probe come in contact with the sensor... nikon's estimated cost for sensor replacement $475 + shipping + tax. sent it out this morning.


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  2. Doesn't really look damaged to me, just dirty. Hope they can fix it cheaper.
  3. see that dark circle???.. that is not dirt, that is where the circular probe tip hit the sensor... and not hard by the way.. nikon tech support and service seperately agree...
  4. Sensor swabs = soft edges. Anything else = hard edges = possible damage. Bummer about your mishap.
  5. yeah.... of course they tell you not to come in contact with the sensor but with magnifers on and a shallow DOF.. i hit it.
  6. Ouch!!!! I am sorry this happened! I think when the time comes for my camera sensors to be cleaned I'm taking them to someone who is more experienced at it than I am! I'd be scared to death that I'd manage to do something like this or gum up the works in some other way....
  7. i do mostly macro work requiring small apertures so i clean the sensor often... and have never had a problem with sensor swabs.
  8. debult


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    I had a misdiagnosed sensor damage issue with Nikon repair once. Are you shure this is sensor damage: it looks like a dust spot in your LENS. If you are using a zoom, zoom and see whether it moves or use another lens to check.
  9. Yes, Bob, try some tests. Make sure it what you say it is before sending out on Monday. You have over 36 hours to fool around and maybe save $475.
    That said, I feel bad for you.
  10. adrianaitken

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    Anyone mentioned it looks like you've got dust on your sensor in the top corner ?
    Surely the vacuum cleaner would have left a ring not a circle if it'd hit the sensor ?
  11. Zachs


    Feb 25, 2006
    here is a more obvious view. Always view your sensor shot with an auto levels / color with photoshop. Shows you exactly what your dust damage is:


    That said, what camera is this, have you looked at self repair? I have a hard time believing that this is your sensor being damaged as there is a plate in front of the sensor. You never actually touched your sensor unless this is a Kodak 14n or the likes.
  12. the dust spots are clearly visible.. and they are small specs... that dark circle is exactly where the round probe hit the sensor. i believe it damaged the photosites underneath the filter.... the camera is at nikon service now and we shall find out what they say.
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