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Green Mountain Nature Trail

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PhotoDawg, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. Duck, Duck, GOOSE :!: :!: :!:




    This way to the Main Trail :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:


    I have her smiling in another picture but her expression in this picture is cute....She loves that Dawg :!: :!: :!:

  2. You mean she loves photodawg or she loves the dawg :roll: They say that a dog is man's best friend but that only applies if there is not a woman around. Cute picture to show off your wife and HER dog.
  3. You looking for a critique on these Dawg?
  4. Thanks grey!! :D 

    Sometimes I do think she loves that dawg more....hehehe!!!
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Realeyz......I am always looking for criticism. I am a digital photo newbie trying to learn everyday about my D70. Yes, please critique!!
    :D  :D  :D  :D 
  6. OK no problem (in the future you may want to post these in the gallery sections to keep it all organized here)

    Here is my critique:

    Photo 1) The trees are definitely distracting from the 2 bird subjects. Moving to the right or left may have found a good position to keep the background clean.

    Photo 2) Interesting subject. Level the horizon and pan up to get more sky and less of the out of focus ground. Try to get subject out of the direct center of frame. Moving slightly to the right or left may have made the subject a bit more iinteresting than straight on.

    Photo 3) This shot may have worked better as a wide-angle up close to the sign instead of telephoto. With a wide angle you could not only show the sign but also the trail it points to in a nice landscape setting. The sign all by itself is lost a bit
    without context. Also move subject out of center of frame.

    Photo 4) White balance needs adjustment. This has a bit of a snapshot feel to it - This wonderfully beautiful lady is holding a dog sitting on a porch and I can't really see them very well. Their faces are very small in the frame and they are centered. Nothing wrong with wanting to show the environment and surroundings in your shot but try to showcase one or the other - either in tight with the lady and dog, or out and wide showing the house and forest. With this shot I am not sure what I am supposed to be looking at.

    I hope this helps. Its only my opinion so it will vary from person to person of course. I am certainly learning myself (always will be) but I have found the best way to learn is to teach.

    Great work Dawg - Keep at it!!
  7. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    I have to agree with all of Todd's assessments

    I'll add that I would like to see a much tighter crop of the lady & dog. I took the liberty of posting an example of your lady's pic with a tighter crop with more contrast and a slight color correction, by adding a -15 towards Yellow, and a +10 towards Green, (I think). Hope ya don't mind! I'll get it off my pbase page as soon as you get a chance to comment on it. Her skin is a bit too red now, but it's not as cool as it was.
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  8. WOW, that is great. Thanks, I have made a copy of this for future reference. :D 
  9. Thanks Steve. :D 

    I will have to keep that in mind next time I am processing. I usually do not mess with color too much during processing, but I will in the future.

    Thanks again!! :D 
  10. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Hey, np,

    If you had the cam set to Auto WB, most everyone recommends going to Auto -3 to warm them up a little. Most think pics shot in Auto WB are too cool (blue). And, as you can see, through cropping, it will bring your subject in closer, Aperture priority yet? They want control over their DOF. That's what most folks do, except, obviously, when shutter speed is the most important factor, then they go to Shutter priority.
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