Ground pod.

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  1. Made myself a small ground pod for that low down work, still need to make some different feet for it these ones are good for moss in low light when I want it firmly attached to the ground, with no mirror lockup I find it hard to get sharp pictures at certain shutter speeds so I wanted something very solid.

    Next I want to make a set of skids for when I want to slide it around on the ground for birds.
    Really haven't had time to try it out but I did take a picture with it of this small mushroom by my pond.

    What do you use for ground pods, I have a couple of tripods that go low but I find them springy in that position, plus if there sitting on the moss its just not solid.

  2. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    Cool ideal...
    I just wish my old body could get down on the ground to use something like that... Well I can get down there... it is getting up that is the hard part. :mad:
  3. That's why I use an angle finder makes it easy on the body and helps with the focusing. :smile:

  4. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I just reverse the center post of my Bogen and hang the camera from the bottom. The right angle finder does make things easier, too.
  5. Pretty wicked looking spikes.. :eek: could also use it to defend yourself if attacked in a dark Vancouver alley... :cool:
  6. Beanbag, camera bag, stump, ground itself, jacket, anything handy. I am too lazy to pack much around with me, so I get creative with camera support.
  7. Martin i use Kirk low pod, it's very good on solid ground but most of the time mushroom grow on soft ground almost like a sponge, so with the RRS ballhead and the camera on top it's unbalance, you have to hold the pod down with one hand and use the remote cable to take the picture.

  8. Thanks for sharing your ground pod ideas, next thing I need is a bean bag.

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