Group shoots - what works and what didn't?

Aug 1, 2006
I'm curious to hear from anyone who has been part of a group of photographers "out on a shoot" ......... i.e. something casually arranged between Cafe members or another common group ..... what kind of locales have worked? What has failed? What did you like or dislike about the meeting location/shooting venue?

I'm guessing this somewhat depends on the interests of the photographers (birds vs street photography vs cars, etc).

Just thought this might be a great topic to brainstorm, and help others gather ideas. :smile:

Any other suggestions on organizing a day of group shooting are quite welcome!
Feb 5, 2005
Gretchen :

I've shot several times with Café members and some photogs outside the Café.

Probably the most important aspect of the shoot is to keep it casual, IMNSHO. When I met up with the Huntsville contingent about 18 months back, while they did set up a dinner on my first evening, the next day there was a low-key shoot with folks coming and going at Guntersville Dam. It didn't have any kind of rigid agenda, just a group of folks out and about with cameras in their hands.

The next most important thing is to make sure that the relevant folks are aware of where, what, and when. Frank (Flew) and Patrick/Leigh had this firmly in hand, and I was, in all honesty, treated fantastically by them and the rest of the group. While there weren't any unrealistically rigid rules set up, they did make sure that people could actually assemble in the same place at the same time. < kudos to Frank/Patrick/Leigh :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: >

If it's a "one-on-one", making sure that the other person and you and find common ground's pretty important. I've shot twice with Sandi (TOLady), and she's been absolutely fantastic to hang out with, wander around, or to go to a specific destination. Sandi's got a great sense of humour, and that makes things move smoothly for someone like me. Quite by happenstance, we had an opportunity to shoot in an unusual location in Toronto (...and the Leafs) which unfolded with a lot of fun. Sandi's pretty eclectic in what she shoots, so that issue wasn't a problem, but I could see if I were shooting with say, a avid sports photog, that it could be a good idea to try and find some venue with athletics (or not - sometimes folks like to get outside the usual zone of their shooting).


When a photography instructor and his wife were in the area a couple of years back, Alice and I invited them to go on a one-day "road-trip" around a bit of northern New Mexico. In that case, it was very clear at the beginning that we hanging out, and I wasn't trying to glom a free lesson out of the day. Turned out to be a lot of fun, and that guy and his spouse are welcome out here anytime. :biggrin:

I hope that this helps. YMMV, as they say... :wink:

John P.
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