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  1. Whenever I take a group shot ( 4 people or more ) I have a rather difficult time getting that one perfect shot. Either 1 person will blink their eyes, someone else will look off to the side or another will move. I have been compensating by taking several shots of the same pose. Sometimes 10 or more if the group is very large.I have been fortunate so far and have been able to get that just right pose out the batch. Is this the best way to handle this or are there some tips or books that address this in a better way?
  2. Photoshop! Taking 10 pictures of a large group is a problem, because the subjects get impatient, and their expressions quickly lose any trace of spontaneity. My approach is to shoot off a burst of 3 or 4 shots, and then transplant body parts during post processing. Here's an example.

    I had a brief opportunity to shoot 6 lovely young ladies. They all looked good in the first shot, except one of them was distracted.


    Her eyes came back to the camera in the second shot, but by then, some of her friends' expressions had deteriorated.

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    I took the best from each picture, and came up with this. I think it would be difficult for anyone to detect it as a composite.

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    I shot a large group at a recent wedding. I'm glad I took 3 shots, because I had to replace 7 heads to get the final product.

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