GSXR 1000 and GSXR 750

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  1. #1- Subject too far away - little detail
    #2- Driver seems to be concentrating on you instead of the road
    #3- Nice shot
    #4- Nice shot
    #5- Too much negative space on the right for my liking
    #6- Nice shot


  2. DJVCuda


    Jun 13, 2008
    Atco, NJ
    the lines and poles in #6 are distracting - IMO a cleaner background would be an awesome shot.
  3. Hello,

    My .02:
    #1 Great idea, but more emphasis is needed on the bike, perhaps shooting into a larger mirror and/or waiting for the bike to get closer.
    #2 Nice picture. Less distracting background with rider's attention on the road and slower shutter speed to emphasize panning would make this a better shot.
    #3 Good shot. Although, this is a "mean machine" and I would have gotten low (ground level or close) and shot up slightly instead of down to try and make the bike more intimidating (like you did with shot #2--think of the headlight as being an eye and try to stay below it).
    #4 Nice shot. Again I think that a different background would improve the shot. Perhaps, try finding a tree that would have a branch that would compositionally bend over the bike to "frame/partially encircle" it.
    #5 Nice shot with good use of DOF.
    #6 Good idea. But, it needs a less distracting background.

  4. i freaking love you guys!
  5. i really wanted to get lower on number 3 but the background was screwing me hard.

    we just happened to be at that parking lot and i tried to make do with were we were at LOL the background with the copper and black GSXR was worse than what you see in #6 so i had to take the photo standing up =(
  6. buellXB9


    Feb 16, 2007
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    Pierre B
    My favorites are number 3 and 4. But the number 5 is great. Very nice.
  7. yeah i like 4 alot myself....the reflections in the side mirror show what a pretty day it was :smile:

  8. I'm going to agree 100% with Ted ( :eek: )

    1. I'm a sucker for rearview mirror shots, but the trees behind the bike stop the eye and end my interest in the picture.
    2. He's looking at you and sitting upright--makes the bike look slow. The powerlines are distracting.
    3. Nice shot. The bike looks faster here than in #2
    4. Nice shot. The bike looks faster here than in #2
    5. Not sure of the object of interest;nothing to lead the eye.
    6. Nice treatment of an interesting shot.
    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to learn and to share.
  9. i dont mind the trees...the sign makes me mad lol

    yeah that shot would have been really nice if he was looking straight ahead

    i was hoping the emblem of the bike the GSXR would be the subject, i guess the shot was a little too wide.

    i like that one in B&W cause in color the background was very distraction

    thank you VERY much for your comments!