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Guess it's time to get custom profiles

Discussion in 'Printers, Monitors, and Color Management' started by Harry S., Jul 25, 2008.

  1. On my old PC (XP SP2) the prints from my R1800 almost perfectly matched what I saw on my monitor - using the Epson profiles.
    Now, on my new PC (Vista Ultimate 64) the new driver (and Espon profiles) causes a slight shift towards the colder (more blueish) side in the same files.

    Probably time to get custom profiles.

    So, where did you get yours - Cathy's Profiles? Or any other suggestions?
    I don't want to afford my own profiling set-up.

    Another issue: I have often read about dark prints on the R1800. I have never experienced that in color prints, but only in BW (about 1 stop too dark). Will custom profiles also solve this problem in one go?

  2. Where are the profiles that were working so well for you in XP? If you are still using the same printer (and inks and paper), and you can use the same profiles, I can't imagine why your problem is one that would be fixed by custom profiles. Sounds much more like a problem at the computer end.

    Does all else remain the same? I mean, have you got the same monitor you had before, and is it calibrated with the same hardware device? (Your monitor is calibrated with a hardware device, right?) Are you using the same software as before, eg Photoshop?
  3. Damien, I do not think the profiles are at fault, but I have (logically) installed a new driver (for Vista 64-bit). The monitor profiles are out of this equation because 1) both were calibrated (with i-one2 and iMatch); 2) I also have a new monitor but the file looks identical on both monitors (still have my old PC) - if you leave aside the different looks of TFT vs CRT.

    I printed from both PCs within minutes (using Qimage with identical set-ups, although different versions).

    I have read a bit about that issue and I think that the new 64-bit driver might be the culprit.

    Another thing might be that I have overlooked something in Vista's proprietary color management, but I don't think so.

    The difference is very slight but recognizable and is somewhat disturbing when skin tones come into play.

  4. I have my own profiling equipment now, but before that I had some done by Cathy's.
    My take on her: Very good and clear instructions (be sure to follow them correctly, otherwise: garbage in / garbage out). Quick turn around and excellent profiles.
  5. I use ImagePrint now which comes with great profiles, but before that, on the various Epson printers I have owned, I always got a Cathy Profile and was very happy with it.
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