Gwinnett Gladiators vs. South Carolina Stingrays (ECHL Hockey)

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    Feb 7, 2007
    Suwanee, GA
    My wife and I went to the Gwinnett Gladiators (our home team) game on Friday night and I figured it was a good time to test out my recently purchased Sigma 50-150 f/2.8 lens coupled with my D50. The lens is very compact and seems to do a good job. I goofed by not going Auto ISO though and thus my shutter speeds were not as fast as I had hoped and thus the actions shots were not that great. Also, I had a hard time tracking the action as I was in close confines with my seat, so these are not the best. Anyway, here are a few from the game before I had to leave after the 2nd period as I got called into work.

    Time for the face-off (where the referee is really concentrating, and probably the sharpest shot of the night)

    The Gladiators were in black and getting ready to score

    Playing defense

    A through-the-glass shot of a face-off

    And 2 bonus shots, one of the zamboni

    And one of the mascot posing for a picture of some people who received a check from the Gladiators for charity

    C&C is welcome, and I know I should probably crop some of the shots but I was a little perturbed at myself for at least not bumping the ISO to 400, although I was surprised at the shutter speeds I was getting.