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Had new shoot with Sandra Part 1

Discussion in 'People' started by vincebeus, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    I had new shoot with Sandra give me your comments, remarks, advice or critiques.










    Thank you for your time.
  2. I like number 6 and 7 quite a bit. Nice work overall.
  3. Thank you Justin
  4. The 2nd one is the BEST one for me. The rest were great in their own right, but the 2nd one stands out above the rest.

    Just wondering what was the tonal curve setting did you use?
  5. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    The second image is beautiful.
  7. I used a S curve that would blown out the whites a bit. And give more contrast.
  8. Thank you
  9. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Hi again Vince!

    Well, here I go again, giving my very biased opinions. Yuo can take them and add $2.75 US, and get yourself a small Starbuck's! :wink:
    OK, here we go. The poses, bro the poses. You really need a contact sheet of great poses you've copied off the web to work off of. I've spend countless hrs going through 1000's of shots trying to get poses I like. It would really help her to relax, knowing exactly what pose she's supposed do. This has helped me & Jess enormously! Of course, you can fine tuned to taste, but they can be used as a foundation to build from. I have a collection of age appropriate poses, some for teens, some for babies, some clothed, for adult women, some....not! The good, useable nude shots are the hardest to find.
    Now, for these shots. #1, she's looking too far off to the side, showing too much whites of her eyes. #2, is ok, but her lips are actually in better focus than her eyes. #3, clenched hands no good, shows tension. #4, the totally blown sweater doesn't work, althogh I do like the treatment otherwise. #4, eyes hiding and very distracting ugly plywood bg. #5.... nope nothing working here. #6, she should'a llooked at the camera, imo. #7, imo, is the best of the lot, with good pose, and nice post treatment. #8 is pretty good, but again, I'd prefer to have her head at an angle to the camera, and not so straight on. Also, could she do something with her hair? It looks so stringy! I've learned that Jess needs to touch up her makeup and hair before EVERY series of shots, sometimes during the series! Well, there you go, hope this helps, and I gotta go get another cup of coffee!!!
  10. Hey Steve,

    Come on i need some coffee to go with this comments/critiques and information. But thanks alot for your time. Is it possible that you could share your poses examples with me? Would be a help if you can.

    And yes she haves very thin stringy hair. And i will have to work with your information given me i appreciate it alot.

    Thank you.
  11. This is my favorite series with this model. I think in some cases the critique of your shots is a little too severe IMHO. Sandra is who she is and she is lovely in her own right. Other than the off color ones I like these images. My guess is that Sandra is pleased with them as well. A lot depends on what your expectations for these shots are. If they are to produce prints that Sandra will like and you can feel good about, you have met this criteria. If they are for the purpose of learning I would say that you have met that as well. If they are for the most beautiful model contest both your photography and the model have fallen short but then so does most of the shots and models we all take images of. They were not meant to have professional lighting, the model is not a professional, and like most of us you have a ways to go. To demonstrate this go to a car show, etc., where professional models are displayed with professional lighting and shoot a few shots. Most of us will do well with these shots and they would be competitive in a photo competition.

    Keep plugging away, you are doing great.
  12. Hi Vince

    I bet Sandra likes these photos a great deal. You have some really nice ones. I especially like the first one and the eighth one. We are learning a lot, aren't we!!

    Let's keep trying.
  13. Yes your right. First of all she loved all 50 photo's of the shoot before. And these shots she loved also even it where for me more test shots. So it was al great for her. For me is good to because i love to keep learning and improving in everyway i can.

    Yes everybody haves different taste. And sometimes you have models that are so overwhelming on a photo that you can't do anything wrong. And controlling light is a big plus in a shoot.

    Thank you for your nice words.
  14. Yes we are Terri we keep on learning isn't it great to learn everytime more about our way of photography. At least i love photography from portraits to landscapes to macro work.

    And Sandra loves her photo's so that is all good to. We have few ways to look at photo's. Most of us look at the technical side of our photo's. Sharpness/contrast/white balance/colour/background/bokeh/ect. While some photo's have everything wrong but just haves a WOW or AHHH so cute factor. Some are interesting/different that makes them beautifull. We learn to control some things that make a photo better but in reality there are no rules for photography. As long as the person or people who you show your work like your work and even then it is hard to please all people because of our taste.

    I had a photoshoot one time with big family and had many photo's of every parents with there kids. And then when i brought the prints to this family there where 20 people in that home. And they all loved a photo with the family photo of there sister who was on vacation that time. So they all raved about it how cute and nice and beautifull it was. One week later that sister with her husband looked at the photo and i thought if everybody loves it then they will love it to. (it was really one photo i was very happy with it myself) But they didn't like it. It was crap and worser then crap. And i said ok and asked if they could point me out what they didn't like then the woman stumbled about some sweater she had on. While she put it on her self that day.

    I was amazed. So that shows again even you make a perfect photo there is allways someone who will love it or hate it. So you find some people who give advice or comments that you can work with and i know wich people that are and many of you are here on NikonCafe that really help me and are giving me the good advice.

    So yes i learn from my own work on here but also from work from you Terri and from many others out here.

    Thank you for the kind words again Terri.
  15. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005

    Hi Vince

    For me I like them all but 2 6 7 are my favourites.

    For me, number 6 wins but each to their own.

    Great shots

    All the best

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