Hamburg railway station

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  1. Hi all,

    I brought a friend to the airport of Hamburg and decided to stay there for one day. I booked a room in a hotel, bought a metro/tram ticket that is valid for 9 hours and visited the city. In the late afternoon i arrived at the main railway station and decided to take some pictures there. Here are the results. I hope you like them.







  2. Nice set, although I do prefer the colour.
  3. Nice captures, Gert-Jan.
    I'm generally not a big fan of b&w, but railway stations
    with their many clear lines seem to be calling for it.
  4. Love that first shot!
  5. kpstatz


    May 13, 2008
    Nice shots. I prefer the color version, but the composition of all of them is very good. I was at that station in February and liked it a lot, too.
  6. These images bring back some memories, have been through there many times. Often travelled on the ICE train as in #1.
    You have captured the atmosphere well, I found it a pretty bland place but like all major stations there is a certain buzz of travellers.
    Thanks for posting them.
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    Philips is the sponsor i see.
  8. Thanks all for the replies.

    I send them a bill but they refused to pay :wink:

  9. Great series and nice shots of a fascinating place. I am always impressed by the train stains of Europe, Madrid's Atoch comes to mind. On a smaller scale, they could be modern day cathedrals to technology.
  10. Hi Gert-Jan,
    Nice series well done
  11. A very good series, I personally prefer the B&W shots, the rail lines and patterns formed by the windows and glass roof work well IMO.
  12. Tom, Arthur and Kevin. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it. Pictures were made at ISO800. I tried to focus at an object not to far away for maximum depth of field. All pictures were made without a tripod or monopod. I am happy with the results.