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Hand-brewed beer festival

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by italy74, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Hi all there

    I'm uploading (here is 3.52 AM!!!) the shots just taken at a local beer festival. A lot of people pics.. It is unbelievable how many couples and girls like this kind of "free advertisement" on internet.

    I guess all shots should be completely uploaded in 4-5 hours at most. At the moment, there are only some friends of mine (among the organizers)

    To get a diffused light, I bounced my flash against the only slice of white wall near the restaurant door. People saw the difference against flashing directly on them. Anyway, probably the most interesting shot is the latest, when two lovers were cheek to cheek under a tree. After two shots nothing special, I was able to bounce again against a white ad banner and the result I think is really romantic.. Wait and see! :wink:

  2. Just to give you some samples.. D200 + Tamron 28-75 + Metz 58 AF1

    Paolo and Elisa (bounced flash)

    Silvia (bounced flash)

    "Betta" (Elisabetta) and Shirley (bounced flash)

    and like that many others later! Check gallery again!
  3. Ok, guys, pics online! :) 

    This is the one I told you some hours ago, aren't they sweet?
  4. "Card(s) reader" (! what a nick!) at work...

    I know you call her "fortune teller" or something like that, but no fun in that name... ;) 

    One of the several couples... ok ok, there are a lot of distracting things behind them... DON'T worry, they WON'T notice that! ;) 

    One asked me: "We did a bet: is that (my D200) a digital or a reflex?" Since I told them it was both, they didn't know how to decide who had to pay the beer..

    Quite a lot of people there.... for our local standards, of course, this town is a small village in the country and gathered people from all the surroundings

    Some friends

    Lorenzo, vocalist despite the slimness

    Our shy colleague (no, no, I'm not attractive, you know that kind of people?)

    Gianguido, one of my best friends (I work daily with him and I got him serving beer, here)

    A girl with her dog (would you ever guess she called "her" like the famous hex Morgana???)

    A southern dance called "Pizzica" /1:

    And with a VERY slow sync

    One of the singing band: notice how the little kids are having fun just down the palco!
  5. Dino,
    aren't Neighborhood Fests just the Best !! Great candid shots. Considering outside, very dark, you handled the bounce well! I wish i was there. Thanks for sharing with my morning coffee!
  6. Looks like a great time! Nice expressions (I'm sure the beer helps) and exposures.
  7. Great shots! Looks like fun.

  8. Enjoyed the pictures, Dino.

    But a BEER festival - in Italy ? What is the world coming to?
  9. Hi Pa

    would you ever believe the #5 beers most sold there in US is an Italian one, the PANIL? One of those sold yesterday night
  10. Of course on "industrial" products, we can't neither think to compare but for "hand-made" little production, Italy is growing a lot.
  11. We also had an "american" testimonial:

    "Two beer or not two beer: this is the passion" (HOMER SIMPSON)!!!
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