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Handheld Meters and Internal Camera Meters

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by jgrove, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. jgrove


    Apr 13, 2005
    A few years back i had a Sekonic meter that i used for all my static and portrait shots, but i eventuall sold it becuase the reading my F5`s meter was giving me were the same as the handheld meter.

    My question is this does anyone use a handheld meter with here D2h(s) and D2x`s? If you do maybe you could explain which model and make it is, and when you tend to use it against the cameras internal meter.

    Many Thanks
  2. I use it a lot with the D2X and the 85 f2.8 Pc micro-nikkor, that lens is manual but you can have a reading from the camera with the lens wide open (2.8) and after that you have to stop down the lens and put the aquivalent speed manually, most of the time so I looked on the handheld meter,Gossen Lunasix F, to find those equivalence. I have'nt use the spot meter with the X but I made a few test with the 5700 in manual and it work great. It's nice when you take a picture of moving water with auto, look at the picture and if you see some washed away spot, you take your spot meter, take a few reading and made ajustement manually in the camera and take another picture. At home you can compare on the monitor and readjust your technique for next time or just practice around the house before going out.

    For applying the zone system you would need a camera (maybe in the future) with -3,-2,-1,0,+1,+2,+3 contrast options.
  3. IxLr8

    IxLr8 Guest

    I use a hand held meter in the studio to tune my lighting. I can't really do it with the camera meter. I find my D2 bodies are very good outside and it's really less things to carry around.
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