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  1. Unfortunately, I had to heavily edit this in PS, hence why the image is so small. I would have liked it to come out a little larger in size, so that I could print it, but what can you do. This is actually a picture of Jenna's hands. I took a picture of her, but she got her hands in front of her face, so I decided to focus on her hands as the primary subject with this piece. With some added help from PS effects, I came out with this finished product.

  2. JMartin

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    I really like the concept!

    If you reshoot this so that you can make it larger for printing, only one other thing I would try, along with keeping the nails in color if the rings are gold, I would keep them in color as well.

  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Hey Nick,

    I like the concept that you are trying to acheive...give it another try to see if it can be improved upon.
  4. Thanks Joe and Frank. I'm actually getting a few lady friend's together this coming Sunday for a little photo shoot. I'm going to try to redo this concept, but tweek a little things that I could improve on this image.
  5. I think it's kind of cool to start with a concept, try it out, then go back and refine until you get the desired effect. It's such an artistic process and once complete is very satisfying.
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