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  1. Holmes


    Oct 28, 2006
    Wyoming, USA
    I was in the market for a new small hand torch and decided to see what else was available instead of the usual Mini-Maglite.

    Did the Google thing, studied reviews, and finally ended up going for an Inova X5.

    Used it last night at a waterfall base just after sundown. I was readying my layout to shoot hummingbirds this weekend as they come to this spot to drink and bathe. My shooting position is about 30' off the canyon floor, clipped in on a descender.

    The X5 worked very well one-handed. It's built like a little tank and has an octagonal grip which is nice with gloves.

    I was going to order the X5 online but discovered Target is a distributor. Off to the mall I went for a stout coffee and a new flashlight!

    I may even try another of Inova's little lamps as the quality of their products is impressive.

    Regards to all.
  2. Holmes,

    Here's a good source for flashlight info.
    These folks are as passionate about lighting gear as we are about photo gear. I hung out there a lot about a year or two ago, learned a lot, and then moved on. Fortunately, even the most expensive flashlights can't compare to the cost of photo gear.
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