Happy 30,000th Post, Connie (ClixPix)!


May 19, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
...and here's to 30,000 more! :D

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Connie a few years back when I had to go to D.C. for a work conference and she was such a delight. We had lunch and laughed and talked the afternoon away. One day, Connie, I hope to meet back up with you; this time to do some shooting! :) In the meantime, Happy Posting!!
Yikes, I am a gabby one, aren't I?!!! Wow..... Why, thank you, Lyndee and everyone! 30,000 is rather a milestone, isn't it? Little did I know lo these many moons ago how significant it would be when one day in perusing another photography forum I noticed Uncle Frank's comments about a new forum, which immediately sounded appealing to me for various reasons, and since I had just recently bought my first DSLR, the D70, I was eager to join and learn more from others about this new digital version of my beloved Nikon SLRs. I'd been shooting Coolpixes for a while so digital wasn't totally unfamiliar; the minute I picked up the D70 and handled it the camera felt reassuringly comfortable and it was like "coming home."

I soon found that the Cafe, too, felt like "home" in a surprisingly short period of time. It still does!
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