Happy Birthday Carolus Linnaeus.

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  1. You would have been 300 today and without you the world of botany and entomology would have been in chaos.:eek::eek:

    For those of you who wonder what I am on about, then let me enlighten you. This man stands up there with Gallileo-Newton and Einstein.:cool::cool:

    It is due to him that Harry S and I speak a common language, although his is more common than mine!:biggrin::biggrin:

    It also means that when I see a post by Pendragon or anybody else who uses latin names rather than common names for their subjects Harry and I plus a number of others on NC know what we are about to see.

    Example. In the USA you have a butterfly called the Monarch, but it is also known as the Milkweed and the Wanderer. Three names, all different, and not all known by everyone. But due to Linnaeus the two words Danaus plexipus are known to all entomologists throughout the world. He gave us this common language which we now all use.

    So Happy Birthday Carolus and a big thank you from all of us natural history nuts.:smile::smile::redface::redface:

    Tribe Fredrick.
    Species Robert William.
    Common Name Bob the Spiderman-THE OLD MAN- TROUBLE-and sometimes DARLING but not that often.:eek::eek::biggrin::biggrin:
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  2. Bob
    As a licensed fly fishing guide I somewhat pride myself in identifying mayflies by their latin names.

    As luck would have it I have a client who is an entemologist at the U of Nebraska. Dr X( as I will call him) comes to the area once a year and I always guide him on our local streams. The first year we were discussing occupations and found out his was entemology. Swelling my chest I started to name the various hatches as they came off the water by their latin names.

    Dr. X turns to me and says' Why don't just call them what they really are....

    Case closed, never called a mayfly by their latin name is his presence again

  3. Well finally a Swede that did something good for the world!!! We call him Carl Linné.

    Every time I go home to Sweden I try to find his favorite flower that he called Linnea in Swedish, it is a frail wooden pink flower on a long stem. Never gotten a good pictire of one though, it is dark where they grow...
  4. So you were trying to confuse me.:confused::confused:

    The Genus is now Tabanus and the species is punctifer. So my friendly equine lover you need to rethink your Genus.:wink::wink:

    How about a 'mark on the backside'!!!!!:eek::eek::eek: prior to puncturing.:cool::cool:

    LOL Bob F.
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