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Happy Canada Day!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TOLady, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. In celebration of the creation of this great, vast and diverse country, I expect you to pack up the kids, make a picnic, put away the lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, garden rakes and shovels, and just relax. Have a good time, enjoy the cooler air which has finally come back after many heat waves, light up a sparkler tonight and enjoy the fireworks! I am truly thankful for living in a free country, where I can vote, stay warm, have enough food, and still have enough money to share with those less fortunate (and NO! this does not mean I'm going to help you buy your next lens!). Let's celebrate all that is good today and give thanks. Cheers, Sandi
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  2. And a happy Canada Day to you too! But, I don't need a lens right now but a new D2X would be nice!
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    That is one great photo.....

    Happy Day to you and all days.
  4. Merci!

    Nous sommes ici en Montreal en moment!

  5. jkamphof

    jkamphof Guest

    Yes, Happy Canada Day from a Canuck in Korea! I will return to Canada on Monday after 4 years abroad. Thanks very much for the reminder!! ;) 

  6. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Have a safe and happy day today and every day Sandi!!
  7. Thanks Jarrell. It's on its way. :wink:

    Gale, thanks. Nothing I love better than after a hard paddle, to just let it drift and roll with the waves, with my feet on the bow. I just lay back, and daydream. The roll of the waves is very lulling and the breezes are cooling. Unfortunately, can't go out today - 30knot 'breezes' have made for a small-craft warning of 2 meter waves. Not good for expensive camera equipment :cry: 

    Mike, enjoy the celebrations. You're in a great city, incredible foods and very warm people. Make sure you get to the old town area and wander around. Don't forget to show us the pics when you get back!

    Joe, too bad you're missing the celebrations with yr return so close! As long as you make it back safely, that's the main thing. Things have changed a bit in four years - buildings have sprouted during this boom! *LOL*

    Thanks Frank for your warm words. I try to make the most of each and every day. After losing a LOT of friends in the 80's and early 90's to AIDS, I treat every sunrise as a gift and try not to lament life's shortcomings. Besides, bitchin' don't help none!! *LOL*
  8. Nice pic - I love the color blue - so soothing.... The water looks so nice and cool. I think it was 102 yesterday here. today 10am and already 90+ just way to hot for me.

    You do not worry bout tipping over? I know that would happen to me for sure. Of course, my center of gravity is probably much different than yours. :lol:
  9. Love your picture, Sandi! It's a perfect choice to celebrate Canada Day. I hope you and all the Canadians here enjoy the day as much as your picture suggests.

    aka beaucamera
  10. HAPPY CANADA DAY Sandi! As you may recal this was our first trip to Canada. It certainly won't be our last! What friendly people. We are determined to get to Halifax next time..but we'll start in late June, not mid May like this year...Brrrrrrrrr.

  11. Sandi it's a very original view of Toronto, you should do a piece that would be title "My toes view of Toronto".
  12. 102??? Ooooooeeeee, that's a might tooo hot for me. I secure my gear in waterproof containers, paddle very safely and the camera only comes out once I've crossed the channel. This was actually taken with my little Canon SD300 which I carry at all times for quick shots. My $$ gear comes out in calm waters. Kayaks are so much safer than canoes, IMHO. Usually tipping is accompanied by the stupid factor (ie doing stupid things drops you in the drink).

    Thanks Virginia, my favourite way to float. Thanks for your warm words.

    Jonathan - thanks, not to push the point but I AGREE!! I've travelled around the world and feel very fortunate to be born a Cdn citizen. I never take it for granted. I read internation news extensively daily and this reinforces my thanks.

    Rich, come on back! May this year was unseasonably cool. Great months for visiting Canada are June and September/October. If you're coming north, you just HAVE to see the autumn colours - they're spectacular due to our species of trees and cold nights. Believe it or noth, we've had incredible heat spells during June, record breaking but today they seem to have passed and we're back down to a seasonable 24C.

    Gilles - now there's a thought!!! *LOL* I actually did a feet series years ago with a girlfriend (will be subject of another thread) and we had a ball. Each pic told a story. I should do a toes series of my favourite paddling places. I normally lift the camera up so you can't see the toes! *LOL*
  13. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Great Toes, Great View!

    Very intersting perspective, Sandi. Got a good chuckle from it! Happy Canada Day to you!
  14. Vandyu


    May 14, 2005
    Richmond, VA
    Happy Canada Day!
    I didn't know there was such a day, but that's because I live in the country to the south--the U.S.

    I want to see your country. As a matter of fact, I'm becoming more enamoured with Canada because it seems like the nation that the U.S. used to be.

    No one is attacking Canada. No one seems to want to destroy Canada--biologically, politically, economically, militarily. You offer health care for your citizens. You aren't a perfect nation, but which one is? You have the on-going dispute over whether Quebec should secede from a united Canada--we already went through that in the Civil War. You have two languages--English and French. Well, now we do--English and Spanish. I think I may be a closet Canadian. In fact, I'm driving a GMC pickup made in Canada. And, in college I took a mandatory foreign language. I chose French, obviously not realizing I wanted to be a Canadian. If you just didn't have those darn frigid winters, I'd be up there in a heartbeat.

    Keep a few sparklers on hand to help us celebrate July 4. We call it Independence Day, which somehow sounds better than "Go It Alone Day."

    You still have the monarchy, which always makes for interesting news. Love Prince William. Hope he becomes king and decides to take back the U.S. That can be simply done by buying more U.S. corporations, which actually run the country. Oh, well, this is becoming far too political. Just wanted you to know that, as the youngsters say, "Canada Rocks." :) 
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