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  1. Looking for a hard case to store some of my equipment at home. Would like to put in my D2X, 28-70mm lens, SB800, etc... Any suggestions? The pelican 1520 looks interesting, but I'm wondering if I really need to spend over $100.

  2. If it's just for storing at home, I think the Pelicans might be going overboard a touch. They're rough and tumble tough, you can even drop them from high heights and your equipment will stay safe (as long as it's packed properly). They're waterproof to boot. If you're just looking for storage, there are less costly methods.
  3. I just leave most of my equipment ensconced in my backpack so that it is handy to grab and run.
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    Nice and simple Gordon, :biggrin: That's what I should do, BUT depending on what was my last shoot , I have to search for my equipment because I use 4 of my 8 bags. Guess I'm a bag nut. My favorite is the Domke J2, Bought it 6 mons ago to replace my 25 year old F2. The J2 with it's ballistic material is proving to me, to be as good as the old F2 plus it is water proof. Domke bags are the best bag I ever had to work out of. You can swing it onto you back. Hang from your side, easy and FAST to change your lens. all while you are on the move. Carry's all my equipment except the 300mm. Bag can be hung on a tripod to steady it. Best part you don't have to take out a loan to buy one.


    But it is just my 2 cents worth. :smile:
  5. I see what you mean Tony. I have never had more than one bag at a time and the only thing that won't fit in there is my 300mm f2.8 so my problems is not the same as yours.
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