Hard working homeowner!

Discussion in 'People' started by linm, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. linm


    May 3, 2005
    Vancouver, BC
    On Sunday my husband decided that because the ground was dry (and therefor wouldn't slough) he would tackle the repair of our retaining wall. He had just gotten it all opened up when the sky became black and it began to pour!

    As a loving wife I:
    a) got him his raincoat & hat
    b) snapped a photo of him in his misery
    c) offered words of encouragement from the shelter of the house!

  2. Lin, he relly looks as if he appreciates your thoughtfulness. Great shot.
  3. I can only think of a caption for this one...

    "There had better be a big juicy steak waiting for me when I get inside!"

    Great shot!
  4. Terri French

    Terri French

    May 5, 2005
    a very fun picture

    I'm sure you will treasure this for a long time. What camera and lens did you use?
  5. Very good shot Lin. Clean, sharp, interesting pose. One to be proud of.
  6. linm


    May 3, 2005
    Vancouver, BC
    Re: a very fun picture

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Terri: it was a D100 with a 70-200mm on it.
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