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May 16, 2006
Shoot and finalize your image? Did you do darkroom before? Do you take less time and just shot more images,bracking as you go? How has digial changed the paradigm of photography for You?

I think that being able to shoot significantly more images since I switched to digital when the CP4500 came out has made me a better photographer. I subscribe to the Adams concept that the negative (file) is the score and the print the performance.

I find that I now shoot very differently for each type of photography that I do. When shooting landscapes with tripod I am still very deliberate, as with shooting macros. I sincerely appreciated the faster frame rates (that’s why I am ordering a D200 when I get back from Taiwan).

I , as many here, went through several iterations of darkroom. From high school, to Vietnam, to having a advertising agency, to being at one time the advertising director for Ritz which grew from 21 stores to the monster it is today (I left when they were about 400 stores), I have spent a lot of time in various levels of dark rooms.

I have found that many images are simply better when they are “worked” on. Many of the great imagers of the past made many exposures and then many prints of those negatives to get the performance they wanted from that score.

For me, having complete imaging skills is an important part of my enjoyment of the hobby and art. In fact for me, Photoshop (which I have used in jobs and business I’ve owned) and my Epson 2400 have once again made B&W my favorite flavor of photography.

Photography is a very personal thing and I don’t think that one size fits all. I think it is clear from this discussion that a certain percentage of imagers here prefer to continue to influence the image taken rather than let technology make all of the decisions.

One of the thrills for me, like seeing an image appear in the developer, is seeing the image as it emerges from the printer. But I have know many photographers, many working Pro’s, that shot slides and for them it was the capture on that medium that defined if an image was acceptable or not.

So in the end, for me digital has only given me new tools and new options on using them. We are all lucky to live in a period where the tools of the process enhance the ability to generate the images we see in our mind.

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