Have you ever thought....?

Mar 23, 2007
Collecchio, northern Italy
What is the intimate nature of thanking / replying while speaking? Of course we do it all the day but I guess few are really aware of what is really going on under their words.

I guess I have to explain with an italian comparison, since the english version of the replying isn't enough revealing.
When saying "Grazie" / "Thank you" / "Thanks" etc. we are effectively saying: " (I pray because God gives you)THANKS" (that is: good things, things you could need), and this was a very common salutation/wishing form in the far past under Latins and Greeks, even if the "goddess" could be very different from what we are used to think of.
And here comes the trick. In English you have: "You are welcome", that, even if it's kind, doesn't tell you all the truth. The older form, still remained in Italian, is "PREGO", which means "(I) PRAY (God for your kindness too). " - Prego = I pray

Just to play with words.. Have you ever thought on what "Mediterranean Sea" means? Even if it's a latin derived word, I got it more clearly by seeing it in the German form "MITTELLANDER SEE" = "The sea which lies in the middle of the (known) lands"
Dec 16, 2006
South Florida
Yes I have. I speak fluent Spanish and understand Italian (speak a little too). As an atheist, "gracias" ("grazie" in Italian) is about the only word I use without feeling insincere as it is such a commonly ingrained word that has lost its meaning and has no good replacement. OTOH I do not use the words "adios" ("adio" and the equivalent of "goodbye") as it would be totally insincere and a fraud.

Yes, I know what "Mediterranean" means, referring to the same body of water the Romans called "Mare Nostrum" (our sea).
May 20, 2005
Youngsville (The edge of nowhere), North Carolina
The idea of the printed word fascinates me. The concept that organized forms of dried carbon on paper is capable of creating richly detailed images and emotions in ones' brain is one of life's greatest miracles.

The simplest things we do bear testament to infinite complexity of our species.
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