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hawaii and lenses

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zorac, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Zorac


    Dec 22, 2007
    Calgary, Canada
    i apologize in advance, as these threads drive me nuts, but im posting it anyway, im going on vacation to Hawaii in October, and i have no idea which lenses to take. i have no desire to lug them all around, nor do i have room in my carry on for them all.

    we are staying on the beach in a resort at lahaina (maui), although we are facing the interior, not the ocean. my goals are to see the volcano, and hopefully do some hiking in the area or maybe a guided tour. (the zip lines look fun!)

    here are my lenses and reasoning on staying or going.

    300/4 with tcs. it comes, with an ocean and birds its a no brainer
    105/2.8, my current flavour of the month, it comes, macros are fun (although im not sure how good the flowers will be this late in the season?)
    80-200/2.8, debating leaving this one, unless there is wildlife or events that necessitate this, im sure i could make the 105 or 300 cover what i need.
    18-50/2.8, it comes, general walk around lens, so its another no brainer.
    30/1.4, it stays, dont think ill have the need for low light, and being a prime its limiting in its applications. im sure the 18-50 and a flash will do in the odd low light situation i may run into
    10-20, it comes, with sunsets on the oceans, its a must have!

    id appreciate feedback, especially if i can expect much in the way of wildlife, but im expecting whatever i see will be small animals, making the 300 the weapon of choice, unless i run into some larger birds that are very tame, as was the case when i was in daytona beach a year ago.

  2. I'd bring the 18-50, 10-20 and 300. 18-50 for most your photo needs. 10-20 for those pretty scenic sunset/sunrise pics, and the 300 for birds. Everything else is just overkill. Lens changing around salty beach areas suck. Sand is your worst enemy. If you had an 18-200 VR, I'd say just bring that and be done with it. Light is good anyways, so no need for fast glass really. :wink:
  3. I've said this a number of time; lenses in the 5X to 10X+ zoom range are full of compromises and they scare me away. The 18-200VR is no exception but it does seem to get better reviews than most, even if they are mixed. Still, if I were going to travel, and the purpose of the travel was, at least in part, to take pictures, I'd want nothing but my best glass. If that means I have to tolerate the size and weight of the lens(es) I love then so be it. YMMV.
  4. Zorac


    Dec 22, 2007
    Calgary, Canada
    no 18-200vr here, nor do i wish to purchase one, so thats not an option. i do have two bodies, and they will both be coming with me, although ill probably only carry one at a time unless i am going out with the specific purpose of doing pictures.

    no one can advise as to type of animals i can expect? (i would assume alot of tropical birds, which i assume will be fairly tame, especially around the resort) or if flowers will still be out? what about the surfers, or is the water too cold in early oct?
  5. There will not be too many tropical birds or flowers in October,although if you go to the Iao Needle you will see pleny of ferral cats. Last October the water was pretty flat, but I was on the Big Island. I would bring a wide angle, especially if you plan a Haleakala trip.
    The water is awesome in October, but on Maui they usually are pretty far out, however the Kite Surfers are fun to watch. Take the Road to Hana, prefferably in a convertible or jeep, lots of fun and great sights...I'm going to the Big Island again in October, I hear that there is alot of activity at Kilauea Volcano....Have fun.....Peace
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