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    Nov 13, 2006
    Hello all. I just returned from our Yellowstone - Tetons trip that I was all hyped up about several months ago. I have some bracketed shots of Schwabacher Landing and other notable places with the intention of trying the HDR thing. I have played around with it and get to the HDR merge part. I convert to 16 bit mode and use Local Adaptation as recommended by several tutorials that I have come across. This is where the wicket gets sticky! On a couple of HDR merges I have lucked out with 1 or 2 reasonable looking images. The dynamic range is there compared to each of the individual shots but they just lack punch. I am at work so I can't upload them currently but will. The other attempts just are not...well they are terrible. All the tutorials I have come across just say...do "tonemapping" but give no guidelines or steps if you will. I am basically guessing when it comes to adjusting the curve control that is part of the Local Adaptation control. Does anyone have a process that they use for tonemapping for HDR or are there tutorials/books that may be helpful? I have CS3 and can get Photmatix if it comes to that but I have seen some very nice work using Photoshop so I was hoping to work within the program I have. Thanks for any help you may suggest.
    Here is a shot that turned out okay but no "pop".
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