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Discussion in 'Birds' started by HarryB, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. HarryB


    Jan 28, 2005
    Viera, Florida
    Hi Y'all,

    Its that time of the year when I need to pick my 5 entries into the St. Augustine Alligator Farm's yearly photo contest and I need your help again. Last year with your valuable input I got 3 months in their calendar and I'm hoping to get a month or two this year. All potential winnings will go to "Harry's home for Wayward Lenses".

    I started out with a 1,000 plus shots and I got down to 15. Out of the 15 I need to choose 5 shots to enter into the contest. I would love to get your input on this. Here are the "finalists":







    #7 I'm gonna enter either 6 or 7, just can't make up my mind








  2. My choice would be 4-6-8-12-13 Not necessarily in that order.
  3. Guest-002

    Guest-002 Guest

    Jan 14, 2006
    Worcester, MA
    It's strange that my choices are all in a row, by I choose 10-14.
    Great pictures!
  4. Glacier


    Jan 17, 2006
    Boaz, Alabama

    All are worthy!
  5. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Harry here's my 5 but not in any order
  6. Hi Harry,

    Like Ben, not in any order

    Best of luck,
    Bob (& Nan)
  7. tech1961


    Jan 28, 2007
    Houston Tx.
    This is a tough one. #12 WITH OUT ANY DOUBT WILL MAKE THE CALENDAR.
  8. at least 8 and 10, probably another 10 or so will make it :biggrin:
  9. Outstanding 15 shots Harry. But here's my picks: #'s 10, 1, 12, 11, 4 in that order.

    Good Luck
  10. Harry,

    It's really hard to choose, but I really think #s 4, 8, 10, 12 and 14 are outstanding!! Heck, I liked all of them!! :910:
  11. my choices are 4, 7, 10, 12 and i'm stuck on 11 and 14. all are great shots. good luck.

  12. Harry, my first choices are - in just order presented & not in preference....

    #1, 7, 10, 12 & 14

    alternates are # 4 & 13

    JM very HO

  13. aman17


    Sep 27, 2006
    New Jersey,USA
    Hi Harry,my choice is 1,11,12 &15
    good luck
  14. #3,5,6,10 are my favs.
    All of them are excellent.
  15. Ok, Harry, I have image and crop sugestions - #2 & #8 as is; #5 convert to a vertical crop to peel off some of the "empty" sides - some off RHS and 3x that amount from LHS; and #1 & #11 crop to place eye much closer to top 1/3 & RHS 1/3 intersection point.

    Ignore me if I am out of line here.

    Great variety of great shots - I understand why you are asking for help....
  16. Nice series Harry. I'm not very good at picking shots for "others". You never know what's going to be picked for contests. Good luck.
  17. Lots of luck as they are all great photos. I woulsdn't even try picking one and even if you pick one you like it may not be what the Judges that day are looking for. Give each one a number and place it on a tag and in a can. Shake it up and pick 3. Put those 3 back in the can and pick 2 OK the one left is your winner. Hey there all so good what else can you do?
  18. Each and every one is great but my picks are,
  19. HappyFish


    Oct 19, 2006
    Hi Harry, #1, 8, 10, 11, 14. The caption for 8, "and after that dear you can...." The caption for #14, "ARBITRATION" Wish you the best of luck and its so nice of you to give wayward glass a nice clean home. Take care , Robert
  20. Harry, hope to share the calendar again with you this year, my picks are 1, 7, 8, 11 & 13. Best of luck to you with this contest and I look forward to someday getting to met and shoot with you.

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