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Hello ! I have just bought a Nikon D80 - would love to hear from other D80 users !

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Digital wheelie, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. I have recently bought a Nikon D80 because, whilst I do drooooool and hanker after the Higher End models, I have very small hands and live in a wheelchair so the balance has to feel comfortable to me and not ultimately weigh tooooo much with lenses attached as I have to hold the camera one handed whilst the other drives the wheelchair ! (Using a tripod is a whole other challenge !) But I LOVE it !

    Also I am predominantly "housebound" (horrible term !) but it's accurate, so feel that I wouldn't really get to fully utilize all the features (and cost !) of the D200/300 and beyond as I am unable to easily go independently out of the house to Exciting Pastures New to expand my horizons of what and when and where and how to shoot ! Thus the D80 fitted the bill as a bit of an upgrade from my D70s.

    I am completely in awe of the photos I have seen posted in the various Galleries on this site ! Wow - they are of such a high standard ! So, so much to aspire to ! - but I haven't seen many attributed to the humble D80.

    I notice that in the Sub-Forums : Lighting and Flash, Cameras, and gear, the D80 doesn't feature and indeed the Info accompanying the posted photos. that I am in such awe of usually lists the camera as one of the higher end models.

    I would love to get in contact with any other D80 users to see their photos. It would be nice to be able to discuss aspects of D80 use etc and to share and learn from their experience and expertise.

    I look forward to hearing from anyone else who happily uses a D80 !

    Best wishes ~ Digital Wheelie here in the UK where it's POURING !
  2. JCole

    JCole Guest

    I don't own a D80 but a D200 instead. Have you looked at flickr and searched for D80? You will find tons of shots from horrible to awesome that have been done with the camera you now proudly own. Just wondering if you know about the D90 that is coming out by about mid September, it's mentioned that it has live view and it might be helpfull for shooting from a wheelchair. Enjoy your new camera
  3. Thanks for that ~ I'll have a look at Flickr ~ and for the info re the coming D90. I have also had suggested a Zigview which is a sort of "Independent" Live View I understand.

    I've just been to look at your photos ~ AWESOME ! I have a cat very like : Bodie State Historic Park in California !

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    Thanks for replying and for the advice.
  4. mood


    Jun 27, 2007
    So Fla
    congrats Jane
    I recently went to the D300, but owned 2 D80s before that

    excellent camera with great IQ
    enjoy it as I'm sure you will !!
  5. Thanks Frank ! Everyone is so friendly and encouraging here on this site. I fear however that MY IQ is lacking as I'm afraid I don't know what IQ stands for in relation to the D80 ! Stereo D80s you had I see ! Best wishes Digital Wheelie
  6. mood


    Jun 27, 2007
    So Fla

    IQ= image quality

    I had a D80 when they first came out
    sold it, got a refurb D200 that was a clunker
    returned it and got another D80

    both served me well
  7. JCole

    JCole Guest

    Nice cat photograph Jane, looks like he/she wants to attack the cable :)  Thanks for the kind comment on my smugmug galleries.
    The D80 was announced just two weeks before I purchased my D200 in August 2006 and I was very tempted to get it instead, the deciding factors for me were the sealed metal body, FPS and it uses CF cards that I had from my D70. There are some things that the D80 does better than the D200, I think Thom Hogan mentions it has an advantage when shooting jpegs and a little better higher ISO perfomance. You will be very happy with it:smile:
  8. Hi Jane, welcome to the D80!

    I own one too and find its a great camera - I've had mine about a year and a half now (I started from scratch). It's taken a while to get to learn the camera, but I am really enjoying it.

    Have fun with yours, and any questions feel free to ask - there's a lot of very knowledgable and friendly people here. :smile:
  9. See links below...
  10. Ruff Draft

    Ruff Draft

    Sep 2, 2007
    I absolutely love mine, and you didn't a mistake at all!

    Your wallet is about to start taking hits frequently.
  11. Uh Oh . . . I am already suffering from a serious dose of Lensitus ! I had a D70s previously with one or two lenses but when I bought the D80 body well I just HAD to get a new lens didn't I ! I am steeling myself NOT to join the Lens Lust area for at least a week ! Have you posted any of your D80 shots anywhere ? Best wishes - Digital Wheelie
  12. RayLarson


    Mar 27, 2007
    Pawtucket, RI
    Here is one of my favorite D80 shots taken with the Nikkor 18-200VR lens

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  13. Thanks for replying. This is such a friendly Forum ! Nice to "meet" someone from the UK who is also a D80 user. Do you have any of your photos posted anywhere ?
  14. Thanks for replying. This is such a friendly Forum ! Nice to "meet" someone from the UK who is also a D80 user. Do you have any of your photos posted anywhere ?
  15. WOW ! What a vista !
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  16. RayLarson


    Mar 27, 2007
    Pawtucket, RI
    When you have learned all the D80 can do and can master it you will be an excellent photographer
  17. A while back, SoCalBob, one of our members here, started up a D80 group on Flickr:

    Although the name seems to have changed and broadened from its original scope I suspect that you'll find a lot of info about and photos from the D80.

    I had a D80 for a while that I bought as a "carry-everywhere" camera but then eventually Nikon came out with the D40, so I have that now as the "carry-everywhere" camera in lieu of a P&S. For your purposes, though, definitely the D80 is the better of the two because of the fact that it can utilize any AF lenses and is not limited.

    Have fun with your new camera!
  18. stamp22


    Mar 15, 2008
    Los Angeles
    I had two D80, because I beleive that: The camera dont make a good picture, the guy behind the camera make a good picture.

  19. Yes - click on the 'My Pictures' link at the bottom of my signature.
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