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Help choosing a camera

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Darrell C, Mar 14, 2019 at 5:18 PM.

  1. My grand daughter will be 14, she wants a camera and has shown great interest with a good eye for subject matter.........
    Nikon 5600 or 7200, the 5600 with a 18 55 plus a 70 300 for $695, the 7200 new refirbished $639,........
    I know nothing about the 5600 I want her to have a robust camera and not a weinnie, her Dad has said she can use his lenses in which he has enought to get her going.
    What would you do..?
  2. 7200 is IMO the best value Nikon camera body on the market right now. Not terribly expensive but robust enough for her to do pretty much anything she could want if she gets serious.
  3. Yep(y).
  4. I don't like refurbs, several bad experiences. The D5600 is a fine camera and new is new. and 2 good lenses for free, no brainer for me. My guide to Costa Rica last year carried a D5600 for LS because he liked it and it is very small, smaller than the d7200 (I think)
  5. Keep in mind that the 70-300 DX that is included with the D5600 2-lens kit does not have VR. I would opt for the 1-lens kit and look for a lightly-used or refurbished 70-300 AF-P DX VR lens.

    The D5600 has essentially the same sensor as the D7200 but in a smaller, lighter, package with fewer controls. Image quality is the same.

    P.S. I've had only positive experiences with refurbs.
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  6. Thanks guys, my exact thought also.............I just pushed the button on the D7200 NEW for only $50 bucks more $696, for some reason I just can not get in love with 5600, to many cutesy stuff, maybe it is for the young adults, but I want a solid tool that walks the walk, that she will not out grow, and stay with her for years to come.........and besides old Grandpa has a bugger batch of lenses she can try:) 
  7. Good choice Darrell (y).
  8. Can't go wrong with a D7200.
  9. Isn't that something, I still kick myself for selling my 7200, what was I thinking?, and here I go buying one for my Grand daughter, you know when you see a GOOD kid and doing the right things, you just want to do more for them, just to toot my own horn, at her age of 14 she want to be a Doctor, will her thought change??? her GPA is 4.0, how can I turn her down.:D 
  10. You are a wonderful Grandpa!!
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  11. that's exactly what a grandpa is for and you are doing it right
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  12. Maybe she'll love photography so much that she decides to become a starving artist instead :eek: 
  13. and Darrell will "inherit" the D7200 :D 
  14. Well that was quick. Nothing wrong with the D7200 but since you haven't gotten it and I assume you could return it, I'll give you a few things to consider.

    My 22 year old son has a D5300 he got a couple of years ago and its severed him well. So while I would never recommend the D3#00 series I kind of like the D5300 and up of the D5#00 series (they went from the 11 point to the 39 point AF system with the D5300).

    • "Better" camera, better physical controls, more advanced photo features
    • Bigger and heavier (465g vs 765g), a plus or a minus
    • What lenses does her dad have? The D7200 has the AF screw for "D" glass
    • Weather sealed
    • .....

    • Smaller and lighter
    • Articulating screen
    • Better video
    • Touch screen and more phone like interface
    • .....
    I'm only pointing some of these things based on the fact I've been a Bar/Bat Mitzvah photographer for a dozen years. Some of these features could be really really important to 12-14 year old girls and boys. Us old folks like buttons and dials, a lot of the kids will see the graphic representation of the shutter, aperture, etc and it may be easier for them to understand. I'd even consider one of the smaller mirrorless option if you and her dad didn't shoot Nikon already, but since you do it's easier to teach and share with a common base.

    Here's a reasonably short video on it.
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