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  1. I was at a friends home over the summer and took these three pictures. I am very limited in my PS Skills, and been trying and trying (hours now) to work these into a cleaned up image for me to give as a gift... Anyone care to assist in helping me (I'd SO appreciate it). like a idiot- I used a off camera SB 800 and it created a HORRIBLE shadow behind/side of subjects. Live and learn- now IF I could get proficient at PS to save these pictures...
    These are long time family friends who I am planning on printing and framing these for if I can get them cleaned up as a gift. Any and all assistance is very much and gratefully appreciated...



  2. the shadows will be nearly impossible to alleviate

    here is one i tried:

  3. one question....
    didn't you CHIMP after the first shot and see the "unusual" shadows your off-camera flash had caused?
  4. Well, You would think I would-
    It was a quick, come let me get your photo in passing. It was bad judgement on my end to not take a breath and pause-

    So- my bad.... I appreciate the help so far. Lessons learned!

    thank for the attempted save- It is MUCH bette rthan I could dial [email protected] I really appreciate this.

    Best and warm regards,