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  1. I have just been "volunteered" to take pictures at a black tie event because my wife and I were going and the hired photographer backed out. I am told I will be taking pictures of people standing next to the guest of honor, some choir and maybe other people. I have no idea of what to do, but wonder which lens would be better: the 28 or 85. I only want one lens, my flash and the camera set to P. Any advice as to lens?

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    Jan 30, 2005
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  3. No problem Gil...

    Try to get your shooting location set-up so you don't have a distracting background.
    Next, if you can do this in a location that you might have a little natural light that would even be better. But if it will be dark out.... natural light sort of becomes a non-issue....:wink:

    If you happen to have a fong dome... this will help a lot.... but if not the next best is to use a (bounce flash) if your ceiling is not to high.

    Now if your ceiling is to high.... Then meter your camera for the ambient light that you will be working it.
    (Remember when you do this to place someone in the scene so their dark cloths will eat light just like it would if you were shooting for real).

    Next, you want to make a note of your camera reading and then change your camera to manual and dial in the setting you got in your test shot… then underexpose your shot by 1-stop. (- on the scale in your view finder) Finally put your flash on the camera and turn it to TTI. Bring your flash head up to a 45 degree bounce position and pull the little white card out and begin to shoot.

    Good luck and I'm sure you will do just fine
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