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Help - I Can't See...!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JusPlainCrayzee, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    Is there any type of equipment that I could place on the viewfinder of my camera that would provide magnification?

    Problem: I'm blind as a bat (okay...it's not as bad as all that, but I do wear bifocals). When I look thru the viewfinder with my glasses, I find that I'm having a problem determining sharpness as I focus (it's especially noticeable when I use my new 10-20mm). My eyeglass prescription is fairly new and I have no problems seeing otherwise (when I wear my glasses, that is...).

    Does anyone else have vision problems when looking thru the viewfinder, and do you know of any product that could be added to the camera that would help?
  2. rotxlk82


    Jul 20, 2007
    Have you adjusted the diopter on your D80? That might help
  3. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    Hi Robert - yes, I've adjusted the diopter on both the 80 and the 300, and you're right, it has helped some, but not to the point where I can really determine whether the focus is really clear. What I end up doing is taking shot after shot after shot and examining them as I go along. I'm thinking there's got to be a better way...
  4. InLimbo87


    Jul 30, 2008
    Orlando, Fl
    Contact lenses? :tongue:
  5. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    You know - I thought about it and actually asked my optomitrist. She wanted to put me in 'bi-focal' contacts - one lens would be for distance vision and one lens for nearsitedness. Then she tells me, "uhh, btw, you'll also need reading glasses as well...".

    What the...?? :confused: 

    So, I just left that idea alone. Might be worth a revisit, though...
  6. adaml


    Feb 21, 2006
  7. InLimbo87


    Jul 30, 2008
    Orlando, Fl
    Yeah that doesn't make any sense at all that you would need reading glasses if you had bifocal contacts.

    I know a couple people that have had good success with the bifocal contacts (and no, they didn't need reading glasses as well).
  8. gladjo

    gladjo Guest

    When in doubt use AF.
  9. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

  10. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    Thanks for the thought, Jim - I'm just not the AF type. I use it in a pinch, but I really love MF. I went ahead and purchased the corrective diopter today, so hopefully that will help - thanks for the idea, though...:wink:
  11. rotxlk82


    Jul 20, 2007
    If you're really into MF have you thought about fitting an alternate focusing screen like those you'd find in old 35mm SLRs?

    They won't make the finder image any larger but they might make getting the focus right that little bit easier.
  12. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    Actually, since I'm fairly new to photography, I can honestly say I've never heard of an alternate focusing screen for a 35mm. I will definitely check that out.

    Thanks for providing a new direction for me to explore - I really appreciate it!
  13. rotxlk82


    Jul 20, 2007
    Well they're not just for 35mm, back in the pre-autofocus days (keep in mind Nikon wasn't making AF bodies until the mid 1980s) focusing screens were optomised for manual focus accuracy not overall brightness. They had a number of built in aids to help with manual focus work such as matte circles and split prisms, which really help you nail the exact point of focus.

    I am not suprised you struggle with manually focusing DX cameras with default focusing screens, it's not what they designed for! Moderns screens were made for AF lenses.

    The 'other Robert' (TMRDesign) uses a Katz Eye custom focus screen in his D300 when he shoots with older AI and AIS lenses, I'm sure if you PM him or something he'll tell you about how it improves manual work.
  14. I you have so much trouble with your glasses, I can not understated why you would not use AF. if you use tubes and shoot micro, you can trap shoot with AF, and it works great. Without AF, the 200 would be a paper weight.

    This is something i really should have done years ago, but kept putting it off. This is some good advice, I wonder what it cost???
  15. nu2scene


    Sep 27, 2007
    Las Vegas
    The diopters that Adam talked about do work. I bought one maybe 6 mons ago or so. I have a -4.0 corrective diopter. It allows me to look into the viewfinder without using my glasses. I think you'll like it also.
  16. rotxlk82


    Jul 20, 2007
    I think the big player in this field is Katz Eye, you can check out their models and prices at http://www.katzeyeoptics.com/cat--Nikon-DSLRs--cat_nikon.html.

    I must add at this point that I have no experience with their stuff, I only know and appreiciate the merits of screens designed for manual because I sometime shoot Nikon MF film SLRs.
  17. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    Thanks, guys, for all the info and advice - I'm going to do some research into focusing screens and Katz Eye and in the meantime I'm waiting for the corrective diopter to arrive in the mail.

    And...if worse comes to worse, I'll befriend the AF function again...:wink:

    Thanks again!
  18. I gave up and went auto focus only. It was a shame as I had a lot of old Pentax manual lens that were pretty darn good. When I changed over to Nikon I quit with the manual stuff. Just can't nail it anymore, and since photography is not my main income, auto won out.
  19. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    You know, Tim, I used to make fun of my mother when I was young. She would ask me to thread a needle, and I used to tease her by saying, "You mean you really can't see to do that??"

    Everytime I said that, she would just look at me with a smile on her face, then reply, "Just you wait, m'dear, your day is coming."


    I shouldn't have made fun... :Curved:
  20. LynnTX


    Jun 23, 2008
    Viewing LCD

    I recently saw a post in a thread about a loupe with a hood that was placed over the LCD that provided something like 3X magnification I believe.

    Don't recall where the thread was, but you might try searching for it. The thread said he saw a pro wedding photographer using it and it worked well to scrutinize the shots and it was designed to block out extraneous light.

    Maybe someone here will know about this product.

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