Help! I'm an amateur!

Jun 25, 2005
Stockton, CA
Hello all. I am a new owner of the D70, my new best friend. I got it mainly because I wanted to get back into photography and also for when I travel. I have a question that you all might be able to help me with. I am thinking about getting a zoom lens and am thinking about the 70-300mm f4-5.6 G and also the 70-300mm f4-5.6D ED. I think the first one retails for about $200 and the second is twice the price for $400. I've heard that the ED has a better quality glass than the G but I'm wondering since I'm am amateur if this is really that big of a difference. But I want a lens that I can keep and use for a long long time. (I'm a poor college student, btw.) I welcome any and all comments/advice on other possible lenses that would be good as well. FYI I mostly do landscapes, nature, and portraits. Also any advice on any other subject would be great. Thank you all.
- Jon


The ED lens is a great lens, but if you don't want to spend that kind of money consider the Sigma 70-300 Super APO Marco instead.
I bought the "G" lens and returned it and bought the Sigma instead and it was a pretty good lens. I have since upgraded to a faster lens, but that lens served me well/
Jul 2, 2005
Orange County , CA
Nikon or aftermarket?

I started with a couple tokinas
well after a couple years I bought Nikon ED lens
and then got into the AFs lens

just on Thursday another $1200 for a 17-55mm AFs :eek:

Nikon has a certain quality that shows

depends on where you go with photography.......

a couple hundred buxs for a lens... and have great quality

or several thousand on several lens to make a living?

go with Nikon
May 14, 2005
Richmond, VA
That looks like a nice starter kit. I just bought the Nikon 28-200, which I like so far. Still trying out the Nikon 70-300ED.

Can someone tell me if I should just use the 28-200 as a walk around lens and use my kit lens, 18-55, for wide angle needs. Then, wait on the 70-300 until I see if Nikon is going to redesign a 70-300 for the DX series? Right now, my 70-300 purchase qualifies for the $50 rebate, making it $289.

I was told by a Ritz Camera clerk, where I bought both lenses, that the digital lenses will perform better than the film lenses. I tried the 55-200 but didn't care for it that much.

Will try to get myself signed up with a host service so I can show my work. So far, everything is on automatic. I know, I've got to start challenging myself. I love my D50. But, that lens lust stuff is becoming a problem and I haven't gotten anywhere near four figures yet :roll:

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