Help me configure my backup system!

Aug 15, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
I decided to update my external drive backup system. Drives are bigger and faster, connectors and protocols have changed as well.

Currently I have a 2016 15" MBP with 512GB internal storage. This is pretty much docked all the time to an old Thunderbolt display using an OWC dock.

I use a 1TB USB-3 HD for Time Machine backup. I have an OWC 2-bay enclosure which is software formatted to RAID1 (through Disk Utility) with 2x 3TB drives that I use to store all of my photos except for recent ones I'm working on, which are left on the internal drive. I've been naughty and lucky, relying on the RAID1 as a backup.

My total photo library is just bigger than 1TB, so I think I'm still good with a total of 2-3TB space for now.

I have a total of 4x Western Digital Red 3TB drives, two in the RAID, and two left over from a NAS I've since moved on from. I also purchased a new 2TB NVMe drive and enclosure, as well as an OWC 4-bay Thunderbolt 3 enclosure.

My initial plan is as follows:
1. Clone the RAID1 drive(s) to one of the extra 3TB drives after formatting in AFPS. This includes my Lightroom Library and all other files I've kept around not residing on the internal drive in the MBP.
2. Migrate my Lightroom Library in its entirety as well as other files currently on the RAID1 drives to the 2TB NVMe drive. In case this is botched, at least I have a backup copy now. Rationale is that I'd like quick access to my LR Library away from my desktop.
3. Setup a more permanent backup plan for redundancy using the 4-bay enclosure.

I want to set up an automated backup plan with Carbon Copy Cloner and Time Machine. I was thinking of just setting up the 4-bay enclosure as JBOD rather than RAID. Two of the drives would be for all of my files, photos included, and two of the drives would be for Time Machine in case my laptop bites the dust or gets corrupted. I plan to get 2 additional drives down the road for off-site backup that I can just leave at my workplace, updated every month or so.

Any advice on how to best do this with CCC? I'm pretty comfortable setting up Time Machine.

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