help me get a lens!

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by redemptioncalls, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. i despreately need a 18-200 vr. i jsut bought a d80 t oday and have no lens for it. please help me track one down whether from a local camera store that will shipp nationwide or a legit online store.
  2. Good luck with your search. Demand has outstripped supply since this lens was introduced about 2 years ago (?). Looks like the shortage has eased somewhat and you can find one for $800 from 17th Street Photo. If you want to pay less, you'll have to be patient...
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  5. You could also check e-bay. Prices are still high as demand is greater than supply. Also sometimes local camera stores will split up a kit and you could just buy the lens...

    Good luck, it's a fun lens :)
  6. vettenut


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    My friend at work just got a D200 and decided he wanted the 18-200VR as well. Between the two of us I think we called everyone, only ones available are Gray Market lenses. No One has any US versions even if they say "In Stock" when you call they don't have any. My friend was told 4 - 6 weeks (no guarantees). I think the lack of availability is forcing people to look at alternatives, many are getting the new 70-300VR and saving a few bucks in the process.- Jeff
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    You can get the 18-135 and the 70-300 VR for about the same amount of money that 18-200 VR will cost. Both are readily available.

    The 18-135 is very sharp and so is the 70-300 VR.

    The two zooms would cover just about any shooting situation that you will encounter and together will only set you back $800-$900.
  8. im going to africa this summe and cannot deal with changing lenses often in a dusty envirionment.... i have t o get the 18-200
  9. I would definitely get the 70-300VR for Africa. You will for sure want at least up to 300.

  10. Chris Pierce

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    walk into a best buy and see if they can order it, then ask if they will price match a local store, worked for me :)
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