HELP!!! Moving the aperture library

Jul 3, 2007
Gilbert, AZ
how do i move my library to an external hard drive i am running out of room on my local disk... HELP:confused:
Jul 3, 2007
Gilbert, AZ
the aperture library is in your home folder - pictures, you can just copy that file to your external hdd

how do i tell aperture where i moved it to... so that it will save all new imports to that new location...
From Luminous Landscape:

This is straight from the Aperture 2.0 User Guide:

Working with Library Files

When the library file becomes large and requires more disk space than is available in its current location, you can move it to a hard disk with more storage capacity. Aperture is preset to create the library file in the Pictures folder on your internal hard disk. You can specify that the library file be located in a different folder or on a different disk. Each time you open Aperture, the application opens the library in the location you specified.

To change the location of the library, you move the library file to a new location and then use the Aperture Preferences window to specify the new location.

Tip: To maximize performance, place the library file on an internal hard disk.

To change the location of a library file:

1 Quit Aperture.
2 Locate the Aperture Library file in the Pictures folder on your hard disk and move it to the new location in a different folder or on a different hard disk.
3 Open Aperture and choose Aperture > Preferences, or press Command-Comma (,).
4 Click General in the Preferences window, if necessary.
5 Click Choose under the Library Location option.
6 Navigate to the new location of the library, select it, and click Select.
7 Quit Aperture and then reopen it.

When you reopen Aperture, it accesses the library in the new location.

If the Aperture library becomes large, you can create additional, separate library files to hold more images. For example, you might create additional library files in different locations on your internal hard disk, or on different hard disks. You then specify in the Aperture Preferences window which library file the application should access when it opens. Creating a new, empty library file is as easy as specifying a different folder for the library in the Preferences window and then quitting and reopening Aperture. You can also rename library files as needed. Thus, you might have multiple library files with different names in the same location and set Aperture to access the library file you want.


Hope this helps.
Jun 5, 2008
You can also push the option key as you open itunes/iphoto/aperture to specify which library to open.

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