Help needed on picture quality, or what am i missing?

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  1. Hi folks..... Was wondering if some enlightened folks or folkettes could help me with a dilemma i seem to be having. Lately i have been looking at the wonderful photos on here, especially any taken with the D300. I see some amazing "punchy" sharp images here. I have been finding that none of mine seem to be as "sharp" first thought it was my rapidly failing eyesight, but got that checked out and i am not going i tried a test tonight, put the D300 on my tripod, set it to shoot with self timer, on a cement floor into a styrene box i made a while ago. set the ISO to Lo1 or 200. and shot raw with the SB800 set to TTL & BL, Used my 60mm 2.8D and manual focus, then my 50 1.8 on AF for the test shots which i am to believe are some of the sharpest lenses around..... take a look at 2 100% crops, I know they will not win any prizes for originality, just what i had in my basement this evening........... What am i doing wrong ?????

    60mm F 2.8D. f36 1/60sec 125 iso

    50mm 1.8, f22, 1/60 sec, 200 iso

  2. Your aperture is too high. You'll get the best results probably between f/5.6 to f/11. Retry your rest with something like f/8 and see if the results please you.
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    check out the graph in this link for your 60mm f/2.8. you'll see that sharpness drastically drops at very small apertures, which is typical of all lenses. i don't know the precise physics of how it occurs, but sharpness is diminished at extremely small apertures because of light diffraction. as william suggested, try shooting at a wider aperture, and it should turn out much better if your lens is a good copy.