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Help - Point and Shoot

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by David Collignon, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I have spent the last few weeks researching a number of small point and shoot camera's for my daughters 11th birthday. I have look at everything from Nikon...of course to Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and Fuji. The problem is the more you read and the more you look ...the more you are confused.
    While I like Nikon and have had a number of their cameras, most have been DSLR's and not point and shoots. I am familiar with the 4300 and the S500. I was quite disappointed in the S500 so it leaves me looking elsewhere.

    I have researched the Panasonic TZ5A and it appears to be a decent camera with a good zoom on it. Is anybody familiar with this camera. OH and yes.....it has to be blue of course.
    I know I am probably going overboard and should buy a 150.00 P&S that sinks in water but does anybody have any good options.

    Appreciate the feedback
  2. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005

    I agonized over a P&S. I bought Nikon ones and others. I ended up with a Canon G9. It has great features and some manual adjustments so I can set up the shot like I want. Has great image quality. Noise is not too bad and for a camera to always have with you is great at that role and not too big.

    Take a look at the G9 from Canon. I love mine.

  3. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    Unless you have a very mature 11 year old...don't spend a lot of money. If you do have a mature 11 year old...go with one of the underwater cameras. I have the canon 10 (something) can't remember. However it's 10MP and takes great images.
  4. Thanks Patrick....I will have a look at this

    Thanks Seneca........I was concerned with the SW10 as I heard there were problems with the seals leaking and drying out. Have you experienced any problems
  5. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    No problems with the seals whatsoever!
  6. I have a Olympus SW1030 for use at the lake etc. And just got a Panasonic TZ5. TZ5 takes better pics than the Olympus but the SW has its place. G9 is a good choice also.

    Take with TZ5 while riding my bike:
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  7. Thanks Mark
    I wil start the search today
  8. I found it much easier to pick a DSLR that a P&S.

    P&S are everywhere and new ones come out all the time. And giving up some features no matter which one is picked.


    3 more that I was considering.

    Canon 1100is. 10x zoom, manual controls. (just announced). Kind of similar to the TZ5, except the TZ5 does not have Av, Tv or Manual controls.

    Canon G10. Coming soon? Should be awesome little camera.

    Panasonic LX3 - manual controls, should be a great little camera. (coming out this month or next month).
  9. I have a "waterproof" Olympus 720SW that is, at best, "OK". Fun to take some underwater shots and I certainly don't worry about rain or snow hitting it ... but the picture quality is in the barely acceptable category. A lot of noise even at the lowest ISO's (I'd say ISO100 for the Olympus = about ISO6400 on the D300!!).

    However ... for a child, it (or something similar) might make a nice choice as it's pretty tough and "weatherproof."


  10. Samaritan


    Dec 29, 2007
    Buckeye State
    Get the Panasonic TZ5A. I've had the TZ1 for my wife for a few years and we've been very satisfied. Super zoom, image stabilization, very good movies. It does lack somewhat in low light but just use the flash.
  11. Have to agree with all of this 100%! You won't believe the abuse these cameras will get when your kids are together with their friends so I wouldn't spend a whole bunch. I also highly recommend a waterproof camera as well. The kids seem to love those and they get some fun shots.

    I would also recommend one that does not have a protruding lens on the front (if possible) or protrudes very little when extended. It seems to be the first thing that always gets damaged when the camera is dropped for the umpteenth time. Also, make sure it automatically protects the lens when closed/retracted. If it requires a seperate lens cap then you should buy a couple of dozen caps right up front with the new camera as they will constantly and quickly be lost... :smile: Cheers!
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